What Your Tenants Expect From an Onsite Laundry

tenant using onsite laundry

As the manager of an apartment building or residential facility, you know the importance of onsite laundry amenities. You understand that the way they are managed can make or break rentals. It’s important to learn what tenants value most in a laundry room and how to meet those needs.

Safety Tops the List

You can build a sparkling laundry area with luxury machines that always work, but no one will come if it seems unsafe. Some basic concepts that make tenants feel secure include:

  • Central location with people around
  • Excellent lighting
  • Accessibility for tenants only
  • Security camera

Laundry users want to know other people are coming and going to help deter negative behavior. They want assurance the laundry room is locked and used only by residents. They want to come and go in safety and spend as little time in the laundry area as possible.

Cleanliness Is Paramount

Keeping the laundry room clean has always been important, but it is more vital than ever in the current environment. This means spending time and resources to monitor the area, empty waste containers, clean up spills immediately, and wipe down machines. Whether you outsource custodial services, use an employee, or pitch in yourself, floors need daily mopping, and surfaces require frequent wiping.

Communication is essential. Provide a well-publicized way for residents to report laundry room concerns and follow up on the complaints immediately with a friendly, competent process.

Superior Equipment and Technology Pay Dividends

On-premise laundry rooms have the advantage of convenience, but there is still plenty of competition. If you want residents to use the laundry room, provide up-to-date equipment that performs well. New machines featuring smart technology, such as the Clothesline Mobile Payment App, combine convenience with safety. Tenants can use smartphones for no-contact payment and check from their apartments when a machine becomes available or their laundry is complete. These technologies can also make your laundry room a large selling point for those looking to live in your building.

For suggestions on improving safety practices and implementing technology-driven laundry equipment, contact FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or sending an email to talk with our specialists. Make sure your onsite laundry room exceeds your tenants’ highest expectations.