5 Good Reasons To Partner With FMB

There’s no doubt about it. If you have an apartment complex, hotel, college, or hospital, providing on-site laundry service can increase your appeal to tenants and guests. Once you come to this conclusion, it might seem like the obvious way forward is to build your own laundry room. However, there are several good reasons you should open up that space to a vendor instead. Here are just a few.

1. Boost Satisfaction

The customers or clients you serve will be delighted to know that there are easy ways for them to get clean clothing without driving a few miles to do so. A well-managed laundry room can help you maintain existing tenants while also attracting new high-paying tenants.

2. Reduces Operation Costs

Laundry rooms can prove to be lucrative investments over time, but that initial startup cost is high. Because your laundry vendor operates multiple locations, economies of scale make it easier for them to absorb the cost and to provide laundry services at an even lower price point than you could have.

3. Eliminates Maintenance Hassle

When something goes wrong, your tenants will reach out to you first. However, this is as much hassle as you usually need to take on. From there, you simply call the laundry vendor and have them come out to fix the problem.

4. Reduces Operational Headaches

Laundry facilities are great businesses to own, but they do have risks. Unfortunately, people often damage machines or steal items. You will need to work with the vendor to reduce or eliminate break-ins and vandalism, but at least you won’t need to tackle it alone.

5. Improves Business Tech

Laundry vendors can keep your facility up to date with the latest technology. At FMB we offer several cutting-edge technologies, including the Clothesline Mobile app. With this app, we can provide you with a cashless laundry room experience. Tenants can also use it to check machine availability and remaining cycle time. The app will also alert tenants when their laundry is done, creating a more efficient laundry room experience.

Would you like to partner with a laundry vendor to provide on-premise laundry facilities to your guests and tenants? Contact FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or emailing us today for more information.