Maintaining an Efficient Laundry Room

Maintaining an Efficient Laundry Room

Tips on Maintaining an Efficient Laundry Room

No one likes to spend their time sorting laundry, loading the machine, putting in detergent, and pushing start only to discover that the washing machine won’t turn on. Keeping laundry equipment running well quickly becomes burdensome, and make it hard to maintain an efficient laundry room. But, with a few simple steps, increase the efficiency of your laundry room and the machines to reduce annoying breakdowns.

Whether the machines service a large building with many residents or just a small multi-family building, where the machines are have an impact on how they are used. Take steps to ensure the laundry room is clean, well-lit, safe and relatively comfortable. This helps to encourage residents to take their time and treat the equipment more gently and will ensure an efficient laundry room.

Proper Use
Installing quality machines is a good first step, but how the machines are used has an impact on efficiency too. Too much soap or too full of loads waste both time and resources when laundry has to be washed again. Posted recommendations help encourage residents to consider the environment and save the machines from overuse.

Regular Maintenance
Some of the most common reasons laundry machines break down include small issues like worn gaskets and loose belts. By regularly checking for worn parts, you fix the machine before it completely stops working, saving an emergency call to the repair shop and creating an efficient laundry room for your users.

Number of Machines
One factor that results in rushing residents and overworked machines is simply not having enough on site. While actual use may vary, a good start is to make sure there is about one washer/dyer set per 15-20 people. Families with younger children will require more laundry than older demographics, so keeping track of how often the equipment is used helps you decide if you have too many or too few machines.

By communicating with residents and keeping track of actual use in the laundry room, you save yourself from expensive maintenance. Contact the professionals at FMB Laundry at 1-800-832-6193 to get a great price on updating your laundry room to make it easier and more comfortable for your residents.