Behind the Spin: A Look into Commercial Laundry in Hotels and More

Cleanliness is one of the most common features mentioned in guest reviews of hotels. Positive descriptions can encourage bookings. Negative feedback can damage your reputation and drive away potential guests.

Clean sheets and towels are essential for a positive customer experience. An on-site commercial laundry helps keep your linens fresh and hygienic.

Learn more about commercial laundry equipment and its importance in the hotel industry.

Hotel Laundry Process

The hotel laundry process starts by sorting the items by color and fabric type. Sheets with tough stains can be pre-treated with stain remover.

Then, you can wash the sheets using hot water and commercial detergent. Commercial-grade detergent will remove tough stains and bacteria without damaging the linens.

You can re-wash items that aren’t fully clean. The final step is to dry the items in a high-temperature dryer. This process will result in clean, hygienic sheets.

Why Is High-Quality Laundry Equipment Important?

Hotels must follow regulations for cleanliness. Meeting guests’ expectations is also essential. A commercial laundry helps you meet both demands.

Hotel Laundry Regulations

A variety of organizations regulate or provide guidance for hotel laundry. These organizations include:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA)

Some hotel brands have their own cleanliness programs with enhanced cleaning protocols.

Customer Experience

Guests expect a clean and sanitized environment when they stay in a hotel. The right laundry equipment helps ensure the sheets and towels meet or exceed your guests’ expectations.

Benefits of Commercial Laundry Equipment

Quality commercial laundry equipment is a significant investment. The benefits of commercial equipment make the investment a good option.

Durability and Longevity

Laundry equipment in hotels needs to withstand almost constant use. Commercial washing machines and dryers are designed for this type of environment.

Commercial machines are robust and durable. They use industrial-grade materials. They will give you years of reliable performance.

Larger Capacity

Commercial washing machines have a larger capacity than machines for home use. You can wash more in a single load, which improves efficiency. Large capacity is essential when you need to wash items like comforters or curtains.

Faster Cycles With Excellent Cleaning

Commercial washing machines have a faster cycle. They have powerful motors and higher spin speed options.

A faster wash cycle doesn’t reduce their cleaning power. Commercial equipment is designed to clean thoroughly even when items are heavily soiled.

Energy and Water Efficiency

More sustainable laundry practices are better for the environment. They’re good for your brand, and they’re more cost-effective.

Modern commercial laundry equipment gives you excellent cleaning as efficiently as possible. Machines have technology that optimizes water usage. They remove more water during the spin cycle, which reduces drying time.

Guest Laundry Solutions

Our innovative laundry card systems offer a streamlined laundry experience, featuring different options to pay directly at the machine. This system eliminates the need for coins, enhancing convenience and security for both staff and residents at your hotel. With flexible revalue options, including cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, our solution modernizes laundry facilities, making them more user-friendly and efficient. This advancement not only simplifies the laundry process but also significantly improves visitor satisfaction by accommodating various payment preferences.

Find the Right Equipment for Your Commercial Laundry

In-house commercial laundry services can improve the cleanliness of your hotel laundry. You can meet regulatory requirements and guest expectations.

FMB Laundry has over 35 years of experience finding laundry solutions for hotels and other industries. We offer financing and lease options. We’re proud to offer Speed Queen and Wascomat equipment that sets the standard for any commercial laundry.

Get in touch with FMB Laundry today and see why our quality equipment and excellent customer service have made us a leader in commercial laundry.

3 Warning Signs Your Commercial Dryer Needs Repair

A commercial dryer has an average lifespan of between 10 and 15 years.

However, during that time your dryer will likely need a few repairs to keep it running efficiently. There are several signs that you need to be aware of, so you can call for a commercial dryer repair right away.

Continue reading so you can save yourself some time and money in the future if your commercial dry starts to act up.

1. Burning Smell

There are several reasons why a burning smell could be coming from your commercial dryer. The first thing you should do is turn the machine off; you do not want to risk a fire.

Then check to see if there is any lint build-up. After you check and see there is lint, you can gather it with your hands. You can also clear it out using a vacuum if there is too much.

If the burning smell continues, there may be an issue with the temperature gauge. If the thermostat is still reading a low or normal number, but your machine is overheating, you will need to call a dryer repair company to fix the broken component.

Another reason for the unusual odor could be due to melting rubber. If the dryer belt has loosened, it may have come in contact with the heating mechanism of the dryer. You will need to call for a repair right away before using your machine again if that’s the case.

2. Long Drying Times

The last thing you want is for you or your customers to open up the dry only to find that the laundry is still wet. A commercial dryer should dry the items fairly quickly. You should not have to restart it multiple times to get your clothes fully dry.

If you notice the machine is taking longer to dry laundry, it is time to call a professional dryer repair company. The fix could be a simple issue. For example, the lint trap could be full or the vent hose may be blocked.

However, the issue could be more extensive. There is a good chance if it is taking the laundry a long time to dry that there is an issue with the heating components of your machine. This issue requires commercial dryer repair services from a professional.

3. Abnormal Sounds

An abnormal sound coming from your dryer is a good indicator that you need to call for a repair. There could be an issue with the dryer drum or the motor.

Whether it is a thumping, grinding, or squealing noise, it is best to call a pro as soon as possible so the issue does not continue to get worse.

Commercial Dryer Repair

To keep your business running smoothly, it is crucial that your commercial dryers are in good working condition. No matter how well you take care of your machine, there is bound to be an issue or two every once in a while.

The best thing to do when one of your machines starts acting funny is to call for a commercial dryer repair. That way the fixes of issues happen quickly and business can resume as normal.

Our team of professionals is ready to help you with all your commercial dry needs. Contact us here with all your questions and concerns.


Is your commercial laundry business thinking about upgrading its Speed Queen washer machines from a coin-operated system to a card reader?

A Speed Queen card reader is associated with numerous benefits for commercial businesses that offer laundry services. Whether you operate a laundromat or apartment complex with laundry facilities, you can benefit by outfitting your Speed Queens with card reader systems that will help modernize and improve your laundry-related services.

What’s a Speed Queen Washer Card Reader?

Traditionally, commercial laundry facilities relied on coin operation to function. Today, however, advanced card reader systems can be installed on commercial washing machines.

Instead of inserting coins in the washing machine to operate the appliance, customers or residents insert their card to operate your facility’s Speed Queens or other washers. Customers can transfer funds from their bank account to their laundry card in order to pay for laundry services.

With a Speed Queen washer card reader, your business can transition from coin-operated payment systems to a smart system that offers loads of functionality and benefits.

What Are the Benefits of a Speed Queen Washer Card Reader?

When your commercial laundry business updates with its Speed Queens with a card reader system, it can expect the following benefits:

Convenient Use for Customers

When customers or commercial property residents want to use your Speed Queen washing machine, they do not have to hunt for change or carry a large amount of coins with them. They can simply rely on their laundry smart card to pay for each load of laundry they wash.

Customers can easily load funds onto their laundry card using their smartphone or other connective devices. The card reader subtracts the funds from their card and applies them to your business account. The process is simple and convenient.

Convenient for Businesses

When you install a Speed Queen washer card reader, you no longer have to physically access your machine–or suite of washing machines–to collect payment. That means that your staff doesn’t have to empty each washing machine of coins and physically take them to the bank for deposit. The entire payment system is digital–and immediate. When customers make a payment, the funds are immediately applied to the vendor’s account.

Improved Security

With washing machine card readers installed at your facility, you can reduce the risk of theft. A card reader system is a cashless system. There are no funds available for thieves to steal in your commercial laundry room or laundromat business.

Count Your Profits at a Glance

Commercial businesses that install card reader systems on their laundry machines can enjoy digital access to their payment system. Not only can they see how much each of their Speed Queen washing machines has earned each day; they can also rely on the system’s reports to determine the heaviest periods of use, which can help them improve their access and business operation.

When you install a Speed Queen washer card reader, you can enjoy these benefits. Bring your laundry business into the digital era by outfitting your Speed Queen washers with a card reader system.

Contact us to learn more about Speed Queen card readers.

How to Design the Perfect Commercial Laundry Space

5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Commercial Laundry Room

Companies of all sizes require on-site laundry facilities to help keep their day-to-day business running smoothly. The right commercial laundry design can make all the difference in the flow of a laundry room. Consider some of these ideas when you are ready to design a commercial laundry room for your business.

1. Size of Laundry Equipment

The type of business you have determines in large part the size of the laundry equipment you will need. Hospitals and hotels are more apt to require industrial size washers and dryers, but apartment complex and university needs can usually be filled by smaller machines. Some facilities, for example a retirement community, might choose to have smaller washers and dryers conveniently placed for someone in a wheelchair to use.

2. Location of Laundry Room

The location of your laundry room in a commercial setting will help determine the convenience and speed at which dirty laundry can be washed, dried, and distributed to its respective spots. A central location is best in most cases. Very large properties might require more than one laundry room so that they can service various areas with ease.

3. Adequate Common Area Space

common area for most laundry facilities needs to offer space enough to complete the tasks at hand. Open areas and/or aisles need to be able to accommodate people and laundry carts comfortably. It’s important to take into consideration space for wheelchairs to navigate. Tables located around the laundry room in several places will allow more than one person to fold. Chairs for those waiting for their laundry in some facilities will allow for a brief respite while waiting for the wash and dry cycles to conclude.

4. Laundry Space Ventilation

Regardless of the business your commercial laundry space serves, adequate ventilation needs to be a priority. Laundry rooms are usually already hot and stuffy, so an air conditioner will make working in a commercial laundry facility easier. Hot air from the machines can often be rerouted to provide heat to other areas of the property. This does not negate the need for proper ventilation in other regards, like how to direct the laundry equipment heat and fumes during sweltering temperatures of summertime.

5. Maintaining Washers and Dryers Cost Effectively

The power needed to run a commercial laundry facility can be expensive if you have not made plans for energy efficient equipment and the means by which to run it all. Many areas offer deals for using energy saving machines or installation of solar paneling to cut down on costs. This can often save your company thousands of dollars in utility bills. Maintaining your laundry equipment regularly will help cut down on overall repair costs as the years go by.

Contact us at FMB Laundry, Inc., today to discuss your commercial laundry room needs. Hotels, hospitals, universities, and multi-family properties are just some of the commercial laundry facilities we have designed to help streamline the laundry process. We offer the same dedication and service to you.

Removing Holiday Meal Stains

Removing Holiday Meal Stains

The Holidays are a time of family feasts and get-togethers with friends and loved ones. You may visit old hometown haunts or see cousins you only talk to annually. Regardless of your itinerary, be sure to include plans for removing holiday meal stains so that you don’t finish dinner looking like a soiled tablecloth.  After all, you can only pack so many outfits in a carry-on.

Removing Red Wine Stains

Wine is a necessary part of any holiday meal, particularly if certain aunts and uncles are invited.

  • Blot
  • Rinse with cool water
  • Cover with salt
  • Brush off salt
  • Soak with water
  • Blot
  • Wash in machine

Removing Gravy Stains

The only thing that will help the dry turkey is gravy, but sometimes that gravy boat can be slippery.

  • Remove as much as possible without pressing into fabric
  • Douse with white spirit or protein solvent
  • Blot
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Massage in dish soap before washing
  • Wash in machine with bio-detergent

Removing Cranberry Sauce Stains

There is an interesting debate amongst households and generations about cranberry sauce in the shape of a can and homemade cranberry sauce. Despite homemade cranberry sauce being far more delicious, the canned jellied sauce holds nostalgic value. Which cranberry do you stan?

  • Remove as much as possible without pressing into fabric
  • Douse with white vinegar
  • Massage into fabric
  • Mix dish soap and borax
  • Massage into fabric
  • Rinse with cool water
  • Repeat as necessary

FMB Laundry provides laundry equipment services to on-premise laundry rooms. We focus on multi-family, hospitality, medical, and campus properties. With expert technicians ready to solve any problem and state-of-the-art technology that includes a mobile app for residents with real-time alerts and intelligent card payments, you’ll appreciate the difference in how we do business.

For more information about laundry room equipment or to learn about a free quote for all major brands, contact FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or email us to learn how we can help you set up your on-premise laundry services today!

Different Fabrics Demand Different Care

If it seems that clothing material is becoming more specialized and blended, you are absolutely correct. The old days of natural fibers have given way to new-age fabrics that challenge your ability to clean them properly. It is one thing to wash a single garment incorrectly and a whole other problem when you wash an entire load incorrectly. If you have a more extensive operation and you are cleaning for teams, groups of employees, or multiple residents, you cannot afford to make a mistake that ruins dozens of clothing articles simultaneously.

A Few Simple Guidelines for Fabric

With all the different types of fabrics found in clothing and household items, it may seem like you need to take a class on how to handle each one. Some fabrics require very little maintenance, while others are so delicate that one mistake can ruin the garment’s integrity. Knowing how to handle different materials will help you understand what to do to clean them safely. If it makes it easier, creating a chart and placing it near the washer and dryers within your property can help you and others remember how to care for their most delicate fabrics. Here is a list of different materials and how to wash them properly:

  • Cotton is the king of natural fibers, soft, absorbent, lightweight, and blendable. It is typically used for garments worn against the skin, and it can be washed in hot or cold water and tumble dried. Remove immediately to prevent wrinkles.
  • Linen is a natural fiber woven from flax and often used in bedding. It is durable but easily stained, and it should be washed in cold water and preferably air-dried. If tumbled, use the lowest heat setting.
  • Polyester is a stretchable, durable synthetic often blended and used in uniforms and outerwear. Wash in cold water, do not bleach, and tumble dry with low or medium heat.
  • Acetate is a soft, pliable synthetic. Make sure you do not overheat it. It should always be hand washed and air dried only.
  • Wool is an animal-based fabric that is used primarily for outerwear. It should be hand washed and air dried with no exposure to heat.
  • Silk is a highly delicate fabric to wash, and it’s better to hand wash it in cool water or machine wash in a delicate setting. Immediately after washing, you have the option to hang dry or tumble-dried on a cool setting.

The Most Important Guideline

Caring for your fabrics is crucial when you want them to last. If you notice that similar problems develop with your larger loads of laundry, then it may have to do with faulty equipment. To prevent your garments from shrinking or getting destroyed, contact a professional to inspect your laundry services. This can help pinpoint any issues and avoid any further damage to clothing and machines in the future.

For your future commercial laundry room needs, contact FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or email us to learn how we can help you set up your on-premise laundry services today!

Budget Now for Upgraded Laundry Services

In any given apartment community, laundry service can be a huge pain for property managers. From outdated appliances to broken-down equipment, replacing or even upgrading them can be a huge cost. However, it’s important to factor this in because residents are looking for a clean, well-lit facility with state-of-the-art appliances. For many, the question is why should I include this in the yearly budget?

The Added Importance of Updated Laundry Services

With the recent pandemic, there is a new model placed for cleanliness and sanitation in the laundry industry. Clothes not only need to be clean; they also need to be disinfected. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has set guidelines that should be considered the new standard for laundry staff and the equipment when face with washing bedsheets and garments for others:

  • Separate areas should be maintained for unwashed and washed clothing.
  • Those washing and drying should employ PPE to avoid contact with potentially contaminated clothes.
  • Washing clothes in 160º water for 25 minutes should be sufficient to eliminate any microbes.
  • Extra care should be taken to prevent cleaned clothing from contamination before wearing.

The Ecological Way to Wash Clothing

Of course, the prevention of spreading a virus is one reason for upgrading to a high-quality laundry machine. Another has to do with advancements in energy-efficient machines. High-efficiency washers use 25% less energy and 33% less water than regular washers. Of course, this depends on the washer capacity, load size, cycle type, etc. but, regular washers will use anywhere between 14-20 gallons of water per load. For the average household that runs between 4-6 loads a week, that’s over 5,000 gallons of water a year! Talk about a costly water bill. By using an energy-efficient washer you are not only lowering your overall water bill cost but also lowering the amount of water used every year.

On-site and multi-family laundry services need to utilize state-of-the-art equipment to meet today’s ecological and sanitation standards. To find the best available appliances and get them economically, contact FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or emailing us.

Make Doing Laundry Stress-Free

Laundry room etiquette can be a new concept or unclear for some people that use a communal laundry room. The most basic rule in the laundry room is to treat others with respect. There are some dos and don’ts of laundry room etiquette that will save you from having to deal with any bother or headaches while doing laundry in your building!

Be Timely

First and foremost, do not leave your items in the washer/dryer for an extended period of time. This is rude to other residents and may result in your garments being removed and tossed aside before you return.

Instead, try and do laundry when you have the time to complete a load in both the washer and dryer. While it may take some effort to find the time, it is preferable to having your clothes become dirty as a result of being thrown away or accumulating mold as a result of being left in the washer for too long. With the Clothesline Mobile app, you will receive alerts when your laundry is done, making timeliness much easier to accomplish.

Be Patient

If a unit has been in use for a while, be patient. If a machine has been stopped for more than an hour and is still occupied, stack the clothing neatly or remove the garments inside and place them in a plastic grocery bag. Place them beside the machine in case they were placed there by a resident.

Be Prepared

It is important to be prepared when doing your laundry in a shared space. Be sure to have your SmartCard with you with enough money on it to do your laundry. Double-check that you have detergent before you head to the laundry room. If you get there and realize you forgot detergent, going back to grab it not only wastes time, but you might lose out on an available machine.

By using some common courtesy, you can make doing laundry in your building a stress-free experience. For more tips on creating a stress-free laundry environment, contact FMB Laundry today!

Superior Laundry Services With FMB Laundry

When you provide laundry services at your building, you need to make sure that the facilities are accessible and easy to use for all residents. However, you also want to make sure that your laundry facilities are easy for you to maintain. At FMB Laundry, our top priority is taking excellent care of our clients so that you can provide excellent service to your residents.

Providing Service When You Need It

Because your washers and dryers get so much use, you need them to be working properly at all times.  At FMB, we can provide repairs and maintenance as soon as you notice a problem. We can also install brand-new equipment to replace worn-out machines.

We know that you may lose money when even just one machine is broken. The lack of a machine can also be frustrating for your residents. When you notify us of a problem, we dispatch a repair team immediately, and this team can usually fix the problem within 24 hours.

Helping You Go Green

Protecting the environment and saving money is a crucial concern for many of our clients. At FMB, we can help you meet both of these goals. We can perform an assessment of your laundry facilities so you can see how much energy and water you currently use. In many situations, upgrading to new, energy-efficient machines can help you save money on your utility costs. In turn, using less water and energy allows you to help the environment.

Making Laundry Easier for Your Residents

We can also help you upgrade your laundry system so that it is better for your residents to use. At FMB, we offer the Clothesline Mobile app that can tell your residents which machines are open and notify them when the cycle is done. We can also streamline the payment system to eliminate the use of coins, as coins are becoming a thing of the past.

If you are ready to upgrade your laundry services, contact us today! We can help you find the laundry solution that works best for your facility.