5 Surprising Items That Should Not Go into the Washer

The washing machine is a marvel of the modern era. It may be tempting to toss fabrics of any kind into the washer and let it run. Unfortunately, the appliance can ruin delicate fabrics. There are also some items that may damage the machine and affect performance. Here are some surprising things that should not go through the washer.



Most pillows and comforters are too big and dense to get clean in a standard washing machine. This is especially true for memory foam pillows, which turn into a soggy, unstructured mess. Before washing bedding, check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Most often, they recommend that you spot clean or have them dry cleaned.


Running Shoes

A washing machine can help restore the look of casual canvas sneakers. However, it breaks down the materials used in high-performance running shoes, causing shrinkage. The shoes can also damage the washer basket. If you add them to a full load of laundry, the laces can wrap around clothing. The items that are twisted and tied up may not get truly clean.


Flammable Stains

Washers are ideal for removing organic stains, such as grass, dirt, and food. Unfortunately, washing clothing with cooking oil, gasoline, or alcohol in the machine is a recipe for disaster. The flammable nature of these stains could start a fire if put into either a washer or dryer. Treat the stain with a solvent-based stain remover and hand wash the item.


Unzipped Zippers

Items with zippers can go into the wash, but make sure to close them first. The edges of an open zipper can get caught on fabric, causing holes, runs, and tears.


Keys and Coins

Your car’s expensive electronic key fob may become inoperable after being submerged in water and detergent. Metal items can scratch the interior of your appliance. If they get caught in the cracks, they can damage the machine. Check your pockets before doing laundry, or you might end up buying new keys or new appliances!


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