Recognizing the Need for a Laundry Room Upgrade

Replacing laundry equipment at your facilities can feel overwhelming in terms of cost and implementation. You require as much mileage out of current machines as possible, but you want to avoid sinking all of your resources into repairs. These key considerations may help you recognize when it’s time to upgrade that laundry center.

Age Doesn’t Lie

The lifespan of equipment varies with machine quality, frequency of use, and regularity of maintenance, but you can generally expect machines to provide 8 to 15 years of service. When they hit double digits, you can assume repairs will increase.

Out-of-Order Signs Frequently Appear

When laundry appliances require professional repairs, signs are posted until outside help arrives. If you find yourself putting on these tags more often, it’s time to look into new machines.

Repair Bills Are Up

Just like out-of-service signs, higher repair bills indicate an increase in the number and severity of repairs. You don’t want to reach the point of replacing machines repair piece by repair piece.

Utility Bills Are Higher

Manufacturers continue to increase the efficiency of laundry appliances. This is good since water, gas and electricity rates constantly go up. Purchasing new energy-efficient equipment benefits the environment, pleases customers, and saves overhead costs.

Wait Times Have Increased

When your patrons have to wait longer to grab a machine, you need to zero in on the reason. Perhaps customer requirements have increased, and you need additional equipment.  The problem may indicate malfunctioning machines or slower run times of older equipment. Installing low-maintenance, faster appliances will help you take advantage of increased revenue opportunities.

Customers Are Giving You Hints

It may come in the form of complaints about equipment performance or the use of alternative facilities, but your laundry users will not put up with the inconvenience. Make sure customer satisfaction is part of your laundry management process. Provide an easy way for customers to give you feedback and take the time to talk with them in person. When complaints steadily climb, think about a replacement.

If signs point to equipment upgrades in your future, contact the specialists at FMB Laundry. Call 410-324-3654 or email us today to learn how new laundry technology can provide amazing improvements.