3 Reasons to Upgrade Your On-Premise Laundry Room Technology

Do you manage an apartment or condominium complex, nursing home, college dormitory, hotel or motel, or other property that utilizes an on-premise laundromat? If so, you’re already well aware of the particular challenges managing this kind of laundry room can create on a daily basis. In addition to maintaining your washers, dryers and vending machines, you also need to ensure your cash flow doesn’t have any unforeseen interruptions. Here are 3 reasons to upgrade your on-premise laundry room to include new technologies like smart cards:

1. Mechanical Issues

If you still require that your laundromat customers pay in quarters, it’s nearly certain that you will experience major mechanical problems eventually. Jammed quarters and other coin-related mechanical issues can put an immediate halt to your profits—while severely frustrating your clientele along the way. If your machines are unreliable and jam frequently due to requiring quarters, customers will eventually take their business elsewhere. Smart cards eliminate this particular problem.

2. Safety

Wherever there is cash sitting around, vandalism and theft are sure to follow—even if it just quarters. Thieves may consider a machine’s coinbox an easier target than many other businesses, particularly if there is no regular staff onsite to keep an eye on things. Switch to smart cards and keep all of your cash in one heavily protected spot, rather than scattered all over your laundromat.

3. Enhanced Profits

When you utilize smart card technology, your customers exchange cash for an equivalent credit placed on a unique card that they keep. They then swipe or insert that card into a reader installed on each machine. Most customers will have a remaining balance left on their card after they’re done, keeping more profit in your pocket for longer.

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