The Benefits of Smart Laundry Card Systems

With technology on the rise and a coin shortage in the United States, laundry card systems are the way of the future for commercial services. This smart laundry card system is one more way to put you a step above your competition and keep business flowing through your doors.

Already carrying their laundry to another location, customers are looking for places of business that require them to bring and do less. Let’s take a look at how card system options are a way to benefit not only your business but your customers and tenants as well!

Laundry Card Systems

Laundry card systems are a method of paying for laundry services without having to carry cash or change. It replaces the need to stop by your bank or an ATM to withdraw cash or to collect and save your change after every purchase. Instead, customers carry a card or even use an app to start their wash and dry cycles.

How Smart Laundry Benefits Businesses

These card systems have benefits for your business that you’ve probably never realized. Some of those benefits are…

  • Easy Accounting
  • Better Banking
  • Digestible Price Increases
  • Customer Satisfaction

Easy Accounting

With every card swipe, transactions are electronically recorded. Any time you need to, you can retrieve that data from the archive to complete your audit. It’s accurate and easy for your bookkeeper.

Better Banking

Remember the days of emptying out coin receptacles, counting individual coins, and hauling them to the bank? Laundry cards have made that a thing of the past for you. All of your banking is electronic and can be deposited as such!

Digestible Price Increases

Maybe one of the biggest incentives to make the switch to card systems is the ability to quickly increase and decrease prices in small increments. If you want to charge more during peak hours or lower prices during slow times, you can.

Because it’s electronic, price changes aren’t as noticeable. As long as you aren’t charging dollars more at a time, residents and customers aren’t going to care about a few more cents here and there. It may even spread out some of your business so your laundry room isn’t crowded and overrun.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers and residents want this perk. They don’t want to be collecting and inserting cash and change that are inconvenient and probably carrying germs.

People want a simple swipe or push of a button on their phone for most things in life now. Laundry services are no exception!

If there are refunds that need to be made, they can be done immediately instead of waiting for a check. Their happiness means more business for you. As we know, more business for you means more money.

Enjoy the Benefits

It might be time for you to make the switch to laundry card systems before you fall behind. When it comes to residents making a decision the last thing you want is to come second to someone else simply because their laundry service is more up to date than yours. If your business is laundry, the same applies to you.

We hope this has been educational for you! If you think you may be interested, check out our smart card payment systems while you’re here.