Tips for Designing a Great Common Area Laundry Room

Have you ever gone down to the basement of your apartment complex, which doubles as a dark storage space as well as a laundry room? These are the kind of spaces where you get the laundry started and then moved back to the sanctity of your apartment, knowing that you’ll have to go a few more times before you’re through. All while hoping that you’ll be able to handle your laundry without exterior interruptions. Apartment complexes benefit from the creation and upkeep of common areas in laundry rooms that make their tenants feel safe and welcome. At FMB Laundry, we know what makes for a quality common area laundry room.

Light It Up

Keep your space brightly lit. This will add to a sense of security. We like to consider what color walls are suitable to the area and the building’s ethos, too. Something bright and soft is usually a safe bet. To add some flair, we might consider throwing up a string of soft bulbs or two.

Fill the Space Accordingly

We don’t think a closet-sized laundry room is practical, especially if you have more than one tenant. We prefer a bigger space, wide enough for several machines, folding space, and maybe even tables and chairs. Topical magazines are a nice touch and communicate that this is a space to relax while the laundry is being cycled. Consider, too, the ratio of machines per number of tenants. The last thing you want is neighbors waiting on each other before they can get their wash or dry going.

Keep It Safe and Clean

Security is mandatory and keeping a space that isn’t dingy is a must. You want to make sure that only your tenants can access the room, and that when they get there, there is evidence of it being well-maintained.

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