Commercial Laundry Equipment Maintenance Leads to Increased ROI

Commercial laundry equipment is designed and built to last for years. Considering the sizable investment it takes for the average laundry or residential facility to install the necessary equipment, the goal is for a long-term profit. The key to obtaining that return at the end of the investment is regular and professional maintenance. A periodic check by skilled technicians catches problems early, ensures the replacement of wearable parts on a scheduled basis and provides your customers with safe and reliable access to working laundry facilities.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Maintenance Based on Usage

It is typically a good idea for qualified repair personnel to inspect commercial laundry equipment on a regular schedule. Depending on how much use the equipment gets, you may want to contract this service on a monthly basis. In months when daily usage begins to slow down, the visits can become less frequent but focus on more major repairs and replacement services. For example, if you manage or own a hotel, your schedule might look something like this:

  • March-September: Ensure regular (possibly monthly) inspections for worn parts, damaged equipment, and potential problems.
  • October-November: Depending on the amount of traffic, the inspections could be less frequent, and you can start planning for any significant upgrades.
  • December-February: Again, depending on if winter is your slow time of year, this can be an excellent time for major repairs to take place. If the technician must remove the equipment or order more specialized parts, doing so during the slow months won’t interfere as much with normal operations.

Keep in mind that this is just a generalized schedule, and you will need to modify it to fit your circumstances. The main point is to keep the equipment operational by having it looked at regularly by a trained professional.

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