Removing Holiday Meal Stains

Removing Holiday Meal Stains

The Holidays are a time of family feasts and get-togethers with friends and loved ones. You may visit old hometown haunts or see cousins you only talk to annually. Regardless of your itinerary, be sure to include plans for removing holiday meal stains so that you don’t finish dinner looking like a soiled tablecloth.  After all, you can only pack so many outfits in a carry-on.

Removing Red Wine Stains

Wine is a necessary part of any holiday meal, particularly if certain aunts and uncles are invited.

  • Blot
  • Rinse with cool water
  • Cover with salt
  • Brush off salt
  • Soak with water
  • Blot
  • Wash in machine

Removing Gravy Stains

The only thing that will help the dry turkey is gravy, but sometimes that gravy boat can be slippery.

  • Remove as much as possible without pressing into fabric
  • Douse with white spirit or protein solvent
  • Blot
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Massage in dish soap before washing
  • Wash in machine with bio-detergent

Removing Cranberry Sauce Stains

There is an interesting debate amongst households and generations about cranberry sauce in the shape of a can and homemade cranberry sauce. Despite homemade cranberry sauce being far more delicious, the canned jellied sauce holds nostalgic value. Which cranberry do you stan?

  • Remove as much as possible without pressing into fabric
  • Douse with white vinegar
  • Massage into fabric
  • Mix dish soap and borax
  • Massage into fabric
  • Rinse with cool water
  • Repeat as necessary

FMB Laundry provides laundry equipment services to on-premise laundry rooms. We focus on multi-family, hospitality, medical, and campus properties. With expert technicians ready to solve any problem and state-of-the-art technology that includes a mobile app for residents with real-time alerts and intelligent card payments, you’ll appreciate the difference in how we do business.

For more information about laundry room equipment or to learn about a free quote for all major brands, contact FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or email us to learn how we can help you set up your on-premise laundry services today!

Make Doing Laundry Stress-Free

Laundry room etiquette can be a new concept or unclear for some people that use a communal laundry room. The most basic rule in the laundry room is to treat others with respect. There are some dos and don’ts of laundry room etiquette that will save you from having to deal with any bother or headaches while doing laundry in your building!

Be Timely

First and foremost, do not leave your items in the washer/dryer for an extended period of time. This is rude to other residents and may result in your garments being removed and tossed aside before you return.

Instead, try and do laundry when you have the time to complete a load in both the washer and dryer. While it may take some effort to find the time, it is preferable to having your clothes become dirty as a result of being thrown away or accumulating mold as a result of being left in the washer for too long. With the Clothesline Mobile app, you will receive alerts when your laundry is done, making timeliness much easier to accomplish.

Be Patient

If a unit has been in use for a while, be patient. If a machine has been stopped for more than an hour and is still occupied, stack the clothing neatly or remove the garments inside and place them in a plastic grocery bag. Place them beside the machine in case they were placed there by a resident.

Be Prepared

It is important to be prepared when doing your laundry in a shared space. Be sure to have your SmartCard with you with enough money on it to do your laundry. Double-check that you have detergent before you head to the laundry room. If you get there and realize you forgot detergent, going back to grab it not only wastes time, but you might lose out on an available machine.

By using some common courtesy, you can make doing laundry in your building a stress-free experience. For more tips on creating a stress-free laundry environment, contact FMB Laundry today!

We Trust Speed Queen and So Should You

When you look around, you’ll notice a lot of different types of washers and dryers. They come in various colors, multiple sizes, varying ways they function, and a variety of other differentiating features. At FMB Laundry, we stand by the Speed Queen brand and so should you.

Manufactured in the United States

By supporting a company that manufactures products in the United States, we’re supporting everyone in the country. Not only does it boost the economy to use Speed Queen machines, it makes servicing the machines easier too. If the machine does break down, it’s easier and quicker for us to get the parts we need.

Expected To Last 25 years

Sure there are a lot of machines with flashy features and modern designs, but they don’t often last as long as the Speed Queen. The Speed Queen washers and dryers are expected to last at least 25 years, offering 10,400 wash cycles before they wear out. This is why Speed Queen is great for college dorms, apartment buildings, and other areas where the machines may experience heavy, consistent use.

Capacity To Handle Large, Heavy Loads

Speed Queen doesn’t have the largest drum out of competing washers on the market, but they are large enough for horse blankets, King size comforters, and other big items such as those. If your load contains dense blankets or towels that you worry might become an unbalanced mass, don’t worry about it. The sturdy structure allows you to get all your biggest, heaviest loads done without a problem.

Contact Us

At FMB Laundry, we are focused on the laundry needs of multi-family units, medical buildings, college campuses, and more, and we trust Speed Queen with all of them. Call 410-324-3654 or email us today to learn more!

What Your Tenants Expect From an Onsite Laundry

As the manager of an apartment building or residential facility, you know the importance of onsite laundry amenities. You understand that the way they are managed can make or break rentals. It’s important to learn what tenants value most in a laundry room and how to meet those needs.

Safety Tops the List

You can build a sparkling laundry area with luxury machines that always work, but no one will come if it seems unsafe. Some basic concepts that make tenants feel secure include:

  • Central location with people around
  • Excellent lighting
  • Accessibility for tenants only
  • Security camera

Laundry users want to know other people are coming and going to help deter negative behavior. They want assurance the laundry room is locked and used only by residents. They want to come and go in safety and spend as little time in the laundry area as possible.

Cleanliness Is Paramount

Keeping the laundry room clean has always been important, but it is more vital than ever in the current environment. This means spending time and resources to monitor the area, empty waste containers, clean up spills immediately, and wipe down machines. Whether you outsource custodial services, use an employee, or pitch in yourself, floors need daily mopping, and surfaces require frequent wiping.

Communication is essential. Provide a well-publicized way for residents to report laundry room concerns and follow up on the complaints immediately with a friendly, competent process.

Superior Equipment and Technology Pay Dividends

On-premise laundry rooms have the advantage of convenience, but there is still plenty of competition. If you want residents to use the laundry room, provide up-to-date equipment that performs well. New machines featuring smart technology, such as the Clothesline Mobile Payment App, combine convenience with safety. Tenants can use smartphones for no-contact payment and check from their apartments when a machine becomes available or their laundry is complete. These technologies can also make your laundry room a large selling point for those looking to live in your building.

For suggestions on improving safety practices and implementing technology-driven laundry equipment, contact FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or sending an email to talk with our specialists. Make sure your onsite laundry room exceeds your tenants’ highest expectations.

Beneficial Technology-Driven Solutions With FMB Laundry

FMB Laundry has implemented technology-driven solutions to make getting the laundry done more convenient for users. Whether you run a multi-family unit, manage a college campus property, or manage the laundry at a medical facility, these technology-driven solutions will make life easier for everyone.


A SmartCard can be purchased through a Value Transfer Machine in your laundry facility. Customers who wish to do their laundry there can put a monetary value on the card and use it until the amount runs out. It can then be reloaded using cash, EBT cards, NFC devices, credit cards, or a debit card. Using a SmartCard eliminates the need for users to carry coins, which makes doing the laundry more of a convenience for everyone involved.

The SmartCard system is easy to set up and easy to use. With software created specifically for these machines, you are able to determine a vend price, cycle times, and even set up specials you wish to implement. The software allows you to perform audits, reports, and other accounting functions.

Clothesline Mobile App

Available on Android and iPhone, the clothesline mobile app gives your customers a convenient way to take care of the wash. They can look for an open machine, check on the status of specific washers and dryers, get a machine started again, and keep track of their transactions. This allows users the ability to get other things done while their laundry is going.

When the wash or dry cycle is complete, the smartphone receives an alert that lets the user know it’s time to change the wash. They can then head to the laundry room, get the laundry switched, then use the app to pay for service and set the machine settings.

As you can see, FMB Laundry is making it easier and more convenient for your tenants to get their laundry done. With SmartCards and Clothesline Mobile, everyone benefits with improved technology systems. Contact FMB Laundry today by calling 410-324-3654 or sending us an email to learn more or to request service.

Maintenance Advice To Keep Your Laundry Running

As a manager, it’s important to ensure everything in the building runs smoothly. Whether you provide a laundry area for apartment or dorm tenants, make washers and dryers available for hotel guests, or furnish laundry equipment for employees, it is vital to keep the machines in peak condition. There’s no better way to accomplish this than staying on top of regular maintenance tasks. Some items may seem minor, but they go a long way toward avoiding downtime and extending appliance life.

Eliminate Lint

Theoretically, each person cleans the lint trap after using a dryer. It’s a 10-second job. In reality, however, few individuals actually remove the lint because they aren’t sure how or don’t think it’s their job. Make sure you remove all lint from each dryer at least once a day and thoroughly vacuum the compartment every week. The dryer will run better, and you cut the risk of fire.

Stop Leaks

Another daily task involves checking hose and valve connections on the back of each washer. With vibrations from washing and spinning, connections loosen and dripping begins to occur, so inspect and tighten daily. Also, examine the hoses periodically for cracks and deterioration.

Test Doors

Seepage often occurs around the doors of front-loading washers, so test each door lock at the end of the day to make sure it’s working. After verifying the mechanism is operational, leave the washer door open to dry out the interior. Nobody wants to use a washer that smells funky.

Wipe Glass

Nobody wants to use dirty machines, either, so wipe down the appliances and make the glass sparkle. Don’t forget to clean between the glass and the door.

Clean Tumblers

Call a service technician to complete a comprehensive cleaning of the dryer tumblers once a year. These experts know how to clean the tumbler without damaging the sensor or interior surface.

If you need assistance keeping laundry equipment in tip-top shape, contact the professionals at FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or sending us an email. We can give you maintenance advice and answer any other questions you have about updating laundry appliances.

Win Over Residents with Your On-Site Laundry

Maintaining a well-run laundry room for your tenants provides a lot of benefits. It not only brings in a steady income from washers and dryers, but also makes a powerful marketing tool to attract and retain renters. In order to win over residents, you need to make an effort to give them what they want. Learn more about the specific aspects that tenants look for in an on-site laundry facility.

Tenants Want Safe Facilities

Today’s headlines have pushed safety to the top of the laundry list for renters of all ages. It can be tempting to tuck utility areas away in a corner or on a lower level where people only venture to do their wash. Instead, put the laundry room in a handy location with high traffic. Keep the area and halls bright and well lit. Make sure only tenants can access it and consider keeping the room locked.

Tenants Want a Clean Laundry Area

Tenants use the laundry to clean their towels, linens, and clothes. They don’t want to fold them on dirty tables or accidentally drop them on grimy floors. It doesn’t take a lot to maintain a spotless laundry room. Wipe down machines several times a day, empty strategic waste containers often, and mop or vacuum floors frequently. Monitor conditions every hour or two and clean untidy areas promptly. Keeping a close watch on cleanliness also adds safety.

Tenants Want Top-Notch Equipment

If you want to make the laundry area a showpiece of your building, provide quality, updated washers and dryers. Scratched and chipped appliances with frequent “Out of Order” signs will deter users. New laundry equipment provides shorter washing and drying times, saves energy, and provides renters with amenities such as automatic alerts when their laundry is finished.

If you’re ready to provide building residents with the updated equipment they require, contact FMB Laundry for information on the latest laundry room technology. We can help you plan a laundry area that brings in extra income, keeps your renters happy, and attracts new tenants. Call 410-324-3654 or email us today for more information.

Listen to Your Laundry Equipment

When you’re responsible for an on-premise or multi-family commercial laundry, big problems result when a washing machine goes down. Employees, tenants, and residents suffer inconvenience and disrupted schedules until the machine is back in service.

Fortunately, washing machines often provide warnings before giving out completely, giving you time to weigh repair versus replacement and work purchasing new machines into the budget. Here are some signs to watch for as you observe laundry equipment under your care:

Age Gives a Clue

A commercial washing machine should last 10 to 14 years. While many variables affect life expectancy, you can anticipate problems as your machine’s age approaches double digits.

Loud Noise Screams Problems

Laundries should quietly hum as the machines run through cycles. When a washer sounds like a racecar, pay attention. Check that all items are evenly distributed in the drum and verify that each washer sits level on the floor to stay balanced. With some machines, you can adjust the four feet to achieve this. Otherwise, you may need shims or a platform. If balancing the washer doesn’t reduce the noise, call a repair person for further diagnosis.

Walking Means Trouble

If a machine shifts, sways, or moves out of position as it works, you need to address the problem. Again, check that it is level. If it continues to shuffle around, keep a close eye on it and get professional help. Even though it is working, you don’t want it to pull the hoses loose or splash out water.

Leaking Indicates Loose Connections

When water appears on the floor, you need to pinpoint the source. With older machines, users may cause overflows by putting in too big of a load. You may also need to tighten water hoses at the back of the machine or replace them, if necessary. If this doesn’t work, consult a technician for help.

When a washing machine signals a problem, move quickly toward a solution. If an inexpensive fix isn’t feasible, start researching replacements. Contact the specialists at FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or emailing us today. We will walk you through the wonders of commercial laundry technology to meet your specific needs.

Top Cleaning Tips to Maintain Your Washing Machines

If you want your laundry room filled with customers, make sure your washing machines are sparkling clean. Make sure they leave your facility with their clothes smelling fresh and free of unsightly residue. A visual check, as well as a whiff test, of your machines is a good place to start, but dirty drains or other internal problems aren’t that easily detectable. Don’t wait for customer complaints, follow these pointers for washing machine cleanliness and keep your customers happy and fresh.

Develop Regular Cleaning Schedules

Set up a cleaning schedule for your commercial washing machines. Be aware that high-efficiency equipment needs more frequent cleaning than regular machines. Deep cleaning every two months is a good guideline for energy-efficient or high-use machines.

Sanitize Top-Loading Machines

Fill the machine with hot water, add a quart of chlorine bleach and run the machine on the longest cycle. Follow this with another long hot-water cycle using a quart of white vinegar. The two consecutive cleanings rid the machine of bacteria, mineral deposits, and unsightly soap scum.

Sanitize Front-Loading Machines

You may want to clean these more frequently. Be sure to always dry glass doors and gaskets thoroughly. Simply put one-half cup of bleach in the detergent area and fill the bleach dispenser with bleach. Put the machine through a regular cycle and let it dry fully to prevent mildew formation.

Inspect and Wipe Machines Daily

Completing heavy-duty cleaning on schedule improves washing machine efficiency and sanitation. However, machines still need daily surface cleaning. A laundry attendant or janitor should wipe the outside surfaces and inside drums with chlorine bleach water. For heavily used machines, visually inspect and wipe them down several times during operating hours.

Note and Respond to Customer Complaints

Follow these suggestions to keep machines in top running condition while keeping customers happy. Problems may still arise, especially if someone washed a load with heavy soil or contaminants. Provide a way for customers to register concerns and answer any complaints immediately.

Keeping your washing machines clean and odor-free attracts and retains customers. If you have maintenance questions about your machines or would like information about upgrading your laundry with the latest technological advances, contact the specialists at FMB Laundry. Call 410-324-3654 or email us today to get started!