Top Cleaning Tips to Maintain Your Washing Machines

If you want your laundry room filled with customers, make sure your washing machines are sparkling clean. Make sure they leave your facility with their clothes smelling fresh and free of unsightly residue. A visual check, as well as a whiff test, of your machines is a good place to start, but dirty drains or other internal problems aren’t that easily detectable. Don’t wait for customer complaints, follow these pointers for washing machine cleanliness and keep your customers happy and fresh.

Develop Regular Cleaning Schedules

Set up a cleaning schedule for your commercial washing machines. Be aware that high-efficiency equipment needs more frequent cleaning than regular machines. Deep cleaning every two months is a good guideline for energy-efficient or high-use machines.

Sanitize Top-Loading Machines

Fill the machine with hot water, add a quart of chlorine bleach and run the machine on the longest cycle. Follow this with another long hot-water cycle using a quart of white vinegar. The two consecutive cleanings rid the machine of bacteria, mineral deposits, and unsightly soap scum.

Sanitize Front-Loading Machines

You may want to clean these more frequently. Be sure to always dry glass doors and gaskets thoroughly. Simply put one-half cup of bleach in the detergent area and fill the bleach dispenser with bleach. Put the machine through a regular cycle and let it dry fully to prevent mildew formation.

Inspect and Wipe Machines Daily

Completing heavy-duty cleaning on schedule improves washing machine efficiency and sanitation. However, machines still need daily surface cleaning. A laundry attendant or janitor should wipe the outside surfaces and inside drums with chlorine bleach water. For heavily used machines, visually inspect and wipe them down several times during operating hours.

Note and Respond to Customer Complaints

Follow these suggestions to keep machines in top running condition while keeping customers happy. Problems may still arise, especially if someone washed a load with heavy soil or contaminants. Provide a way for customers to register concerns and answer any complaints immediately.

Keeping your washing machines clean and odor-free attracts and retains customers. If you have maintenance questions about your machines or would like information about upgrading your laundry with the latest technological advances, contact the specialists at FMB Laundry. Call 410-324-3654 or email us today to get started!