Win Over Residents with Your On-Site Laundry

Maintaining a well-run laundry room for your tenants provides a lot of benefits. It not only brings in a steady income from washers and dryers, but also makes a powerful marketing tool to attract and retain renters. In order to win over residents, you need to make an effort to give them what they want. Learn more about the specific aspects that tenants look for in an on-site laundry facility.

Tenants Want Safe Facilities

Today’s headlines have pushed safety to the top of the laundry list for renters of all ages. It can be tempting to tuck utility areas away in a corner or on a lower level where people only venture to do their wash. Instead, put the laundry room in a handy location with high traffic. Keep the area and halls bright and well lit. Make sure only tenants can access it and consider keeping the room locked.

Tenants Want a Clean Laundry Area

Tenants use the laundry to clean their towels, linens, and clothes. They don’t want to fold them on dirty tables or accidentally drop them on grimy floors. It doesn’t take a lot to maintain a spotless laundry room. Wipe down machines several times a day, empty strategic waste containers often, and mop or vacuum floors frequently. Monitor conditions every hour or two and clean untidy areas promptly. Keeping a close watch on cleanliness also adds safety.

Tenants Want Top-Notch Equipment

If you want to make the laundry area a showpiece of your building, provide quality, updated washers and dryers. Scratched and chipped appliances with frequent “Out of Order” signs will deter users. New laundry equipment provides shorter washing and drying times, saves energy, and provides renters with amenities such as automatic alerts when their laundry is finished.

If you’re ready to provide building residents with the updated equipment they require, contact FMB Laundry for information on the latest laundry room technology. We can help you plan a laundry area that brings in extra income, keeps your renters happy, and attracts new tenants. Call 410-324-3654 or email us today for more information.