Why Your Laundromat Needs Electronic Payment Systems

People who frequent laundromats are accustomed to changing out cash for quarters to pay for use of the machines. At best, some laundromats have upgraded their coin machines to take credit cards, though the actual machines still require quarters. Then, there are top-of-the-line laundromats where people have multiple payment options, as they do at so many other businesses in their communities. Here is why you should consider Clothesline Mobile for your facility’s laundry room.

Serve Newcomers

While veteran users are aware that they need 25-cent coins for laundry machines, there is no guarantee that newcomers know this as well. Their inability to do their laundry at that time could cost you a potential repeat customer for good. They may then find a laundromat nearby that offers mobile payments instead and even uses rewards programs to keep them loyal.

Create True Self-Service

Many commercial laundry rooms are set up to be a self-service business. There are rarely attendants inside to assist throughout the day. If the coin machine breaks or runs out and people have not brought their own coins, this can cost the business a significant portion of their daily revenue. Mobile payments ensure customers have another payment option available.

Offer Flexibility

Even when customers have access to coins, they may hate using them. It is much easier to swipe a card or use an app. Even a small additional convenience can make a big difference in how people view a business. Coins being one less thing to worry about is a great start.

Improve Upselling

Does your laundry facility have cool upgrades or additional features? Do you sell more well-known laundry detergents next to cheaper brands in hopes that people will buy the former? You’re in luck with a card. People tend to spend more money when they use a card or other forms of electronic payments.

Are you ready to upgrade your laundry room’s payment options? Contact FMB Laundry today by calling 410-324-3654 or sending us an email to learn more about options available.

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