New Laundry Equipment Can Revitalize Your Facility

Laundry facilities may vary in size, location, and purpose, but they all face competition. Even in the case of captive clientele, such as apartment residents, dissatisfaction with equipment can cause customers to head elsewhere for their laundry needs. Replacing washers and dryers can meet the competition head-on and put you back on track.

Keep Machines Running and Customers Happy

One of the most important reasons to update equipment is to reduce the number of washers and dryers with “Out of Order” signs on them. This also decreases the amount of time devoted to performing repairs or waiting for technicians. Nothing annoys customers more than a lack of available machines because some are not working properly. While the hours employed fixing problems or the dollars spent on repairs are measurable, the loss of regular patrons is harder to assess but could be detrimental.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Energy Consumption

Careful selection of new energy-efficient models can cut the use of water, electricity, and natural gas to wash or dry a load of clothes or linens. Laundry equipment professionals can help you calculate energy savings between your current equipment and new replacement models.

Improve Equipment and Expand Profits

Installing new washers and dryers does not go unnoticed, especially if fresh paint on the walls or an upgrade in folding counters is also added. These improvements attract new customers, and both existing clients are usually willing to pay higher prices to use state-of-the-art machines. This increased revenue helps bolster profits.

Change Appliances and Boost Retention

Like many businesses, developing a regular client base for your laundry is important. Customers also benefit from returning to the same place to do their wash because they become familiar with the machines and the best times to fit laundry into their schedules. When you furnish quality, reliable equipment for them to use, you reap the rewards of customer loyalty, including repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising.

If you want to experience the benefits new washers and dryers can bring to your operation, contact the equipment professionals at FMB Laundry today. We can help you calculate savings, sort through your options, and answer your questions, just call 410-324-3654 or send us an email!