Why Your Facility Needs On-Premise Laundry

When you manage a hotel, resort, hospital, or another large commercial facility, you probably know how much of a drain laundry can be on your business. Whether it be the actual cost of cleaning linens, towels, and other necessities, or the time spent dealing with items that were lost or damaged at the laundry facility. In order to maintain quality and keep costs down, many facilities are making the change to on-premise laundry. There are many benefits that come along with in-house laundry, but we think the following three will more than convince you.

Save Time

Right now, your trips to the cleaners might not seem like they take up a lot of your time. However, once you eliminate them altogether, you will be shocked at how much time you’re saving with on-premise laundry.

You can also eliminate the lengthy turnaround time you experienced with outside cleaners. These cleaners are responsible for more than just your facility’s laundry, meaning it may take up to a week or more before your laundry is ready to be picked up. Having on-site laundry solutions gives you immediate access, which means no more waiting around on backups.

Save Money

Save money without compromising quality? All business and property owners are looking for the opportunity to do just that, and with on-premise laundry, you can! The up-front costs may seem steep at first, but the amount you will save in just a short amount of time more than makes up for it.

The efficiency of on-premise laundry will save you money in ways you probably haven’t thought of before. For example, with the quick turnaround times, the number of backup linens needed will decrease. As the cost of water and energy continues to increase, so do the prices of a commercial laundry facility. By handling the laundry in-house, you will have complete control over how much water and energy is consumed.

Quality Control

With Speed Queen OPL equipment, you can be sure your laundry is cleaned at the highest of standards. By keeping everything in-house, you will be able to clean everything exactly the way you want.

Guest satisfaction will also increase when you switch to on-premise laundry. Since you no longer have to wait a week for the laundry to be ready, the odds of running out of clean sheets is greatly decreased. This means guests won’t have to wait around for fresh sheets or show up for check-in and their room isn’t ready because of the delayed linens. Has a guest or patient ever called a week later because they forgot something in the room? There is a much better chance of finding what is lost if the items never left the facility.

Are you convinced that on-premise laundry is the best decision for your facility? If so, our team at FMB Laundry can help you make that happen. If you still need some convincing, call 410-324-3654 or send us an email, we will be happy to go deeper into the benefits on-premise laundry can offer you.