How to properly load a front load washing machine

Using Your Community’s Laundry Room Equipment

Welcome to another FMB Laundry How To Video! This video teaches residents, guests, and anyone else using your laundry room’s equipment the proper way to load a front load washing machine!

Property and community managers, please feel free to share this informational video with your residents and let them know they can contact FMB Laundry with any questions about how to best use their laundry equipment.

Step By Step Instructions

Video not working properly? Here’s how to properly load your front load washing machines:

  • Load the machine with like items until the tub in roughly 3/4 of the way full
  • Add the recommended amount of detergent, softener and/or bleach as needed
  • Choose the proper cycle based on items loaded into the machine
  • Press start to begin the wash cycle

While it seems easy and obvious, many people still overload their laundry room’s front load washers.

Guidelines to Keep in Mind When Using Front Load Washers

If your community recently installed front-loading washing machines, this can be a small step toward efficient energy savings. However, there are differences between top-loaders and front-loaders you should know. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when using front load washers.

Consider Cutting Your Drying Time

Wash cycles are longer in a front-loader, but typically spin faster which can save you drying time. It is important to not just assume this every time, however, as many front load washers handle more clothes than a top loader. In this case, your dry time could be lengthened.

Keep the Door Open Between Loads

Front load washers are prone to mold and can result in laundry that smells bad. Luckily, keeping the door open between loads can be extremely beneficial and assure the machine dries correctly.

Maintain Cleanliness of the Machines

It is recommended to clean out your machines as often as possible. You can either wipe down the machine with watered down bleach, or run a wash with vinegar and baking soda every month. This will get rid of extra residue and help reduce the possibility of mildew. Since front-loaders have been known to have a noxious smell, make sure to clean those folds of rubber gasket on the doors.

If you have a front-load washing machine at your community, consider posting these guidelines in your community laundry room so that your residents know how to properly use the machines.

Using Other Laundry Room Equipment

While knowing how to properly load a front load washing machine is important, it is just one of many important steps in properly using your laundry room’s equipment. Ready to learn how to best use your laundry room’s other equipment? Check out all of our How To Video Posts!

This video was provided by Alliance Laundry Systems, the world wide leader in commercial laundry equipment and exclusive manufacturer of Speed Queen Washers and Dryers.