The Proven Performance of Speed Queen


Made in America and refined for more than a century, Speed Queen is renowned for the consistently powerful performance of our machines. That same passion is shared by the legions of loyal customers who spread the word about our brand worldwide.

We are the world’s largest commercial laundry company, with an undeniable history of proven performance and reliability. Laundry managers rely on the practical ingenuity of features designed to make their lives simpler and more productive. Our commercial-grade construction is rugged, dependable and built to last.

When you purchase a Speed Queen machine from FMB, you’re investing in a global network that offers comprehensive service and support. Our representatives are true laundry experts, and can help guide you through every aspect of your on-premises laundry, from initial setup to laundry design to service and maintenance. We’re here for you, no matter what you need.

It all adds up to one thing: we offer everything you need to take total control of your laundry — with the most profitable machines in the industry. You can rely on the impeccable craftsmanship and uncompromising commitment to quality that you’ve come to expect from Speed Queen. We are guided by an independent spirit and are passionate about the performance of our machines.

Every day, every cycle, Speed Queen performs.

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    Washer Equipment

    Front Load Washers

    Our front load washers are highly efficient, reducing operating costs with low water usage and high-speed extraction. Fast cycle times to get the job done quickly, while the double load washtub provides lots of room for larger loads.

    Available in 22 lb capacity.

    • Inverter drive-controlled motor, with out-of-balance logic, manages and redistributes unbalanced loads for uninterrupted wash cycles
    • High spin speed up to 1000 RPM removes more water from clothes, speeding up drying cycles and lowering dryer energy usage
    • Water use is as low as 12.8 gallons per cycle to reduce operating costs

    Top Load Washers

    Our top load washers are constructed from heavy-duty components to ensure an extended life on your coin laundry investment, including a stainless steel washtub, all-metal transmission and a commercial-grade cabinet finish. Compliant with the current U.S. Department of Energy water and energy standards for commercial washers, your laundry will realize significant savings in water and energy costs.

    Available in 16 lb capacity.

    • Designed for durability and ease of use with push to start switch and reinforced control knobs
    • Extra large capacity stainless steel tubs keep clothes looking their best
    • Advanced suspension system eliminates the possibility of an unbalanced load
    • Commercial quality transmission offers highest quality and durability
    • Water level selector gives managers the flexibility to choose wash and rinse levels
    • Multi-cycle controls and high spin speeds provide washing options to fit your laundry needs

    Stacked Washer-Extractor/Tumble Dryer

    Speed Queen’s stacked washer-extractor/tumble dryer is a unique product that truly delivers increased profitability.

    • Available in 30 and 50 lb capacities
    • Ideal for small OPL settings with limited space
    • Increases wash capacity
    • Improves throughput
    • Minimal front fasteners give quick access to key washer-extractor components to improve serviceability
    • Supports a higher volume than typical retail and light commercial products are able to support
    • Reliability and durability that drastically outperforms retail or light commercial options

    Hardmount Washer-Extractors

    Our heavy-duty construction provides reliable operation and guarantees your washer-extractor will be in service for years to come. That’s why our bearings are protected against moisture with triple-lip seals and a stainless sleeve around the trunnion. That’s why our large door design makes loading and unloading easy, while our improved door locking mechanism is designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use.

    Available in 20, 30, 40, 60, and 80 lb capacities.

    • A self-cleaning four-compartment dispenser automatically dispenses detergent and fabric softener at appropriate times in the wash cycle
    • Our heavy-duty construction provides reliable operation for years to come
      Industry-leading flexible water level settings will help you save on utilities
    • Durable stainless steel front and top

    Softmount Washer-Extractors

    The powerful operation of a washer-extractor often requires that the machine be bolted to the floor. Our heavy duty suspension absorbs vibrations without the need for special foundations, and our stainless steel construction prevents the washer finish from corroding with normal use.

    Available in 20, 25, 30, 40, 55 and 70 lb capacities.

    • Variable speed drive handles a wide variety of fabric types
    • Automatic supply injection reduces detergent waste and provides more consistent laundry results
    • High G-Force extraction reduces drying time

    Dryer Equipment

    Tumble Dryers

    Our single pocket tumble dryers are designed with fewer moving parts, so that you’ll face fewer maintenance problems and less wear and tear. We make it even easier with a large, easy-to-clean lint compartment and a heavy-duty door hinge designed to withstand heavy usage.

    Available in 30, 35, 50, 55, 75, 120, 170, and 200 lb capacities.

    • High-performance heater box increases energy efficiency, reduces drying times, and provides a more comfortable operating environment
    • Precise drying performance with OPT (over-dry prevention technology)
    • Large, easy-to-clean lint compartment
    • The 55 lb capacity model features a concentrated axial airflow pattern and sealed cylinder rims to ensure maximum air utilization and energy savings
    • The 55 lb capacity model also fits through a 36-inch door opening and is a foot shorter than our 50 lb unit, making it a great replacement option for laundries short on space

    Stack Tumble Dryers

    Our line of stack tumble dryers provides double the capacity of Speed Queen single pocket tumble dryers while using only half the floor space. Plus, our patented oval cylinder perforations solve a common, highly damaging problem, by allowing stray screws to pass through without doing large amounts of damage to the dryer’s sweep sheets.

    Available in 30 and 45 lb capacities.

    • Large, easy-to-clean lint compartment
    • Fewer moving parts mean fewer maintenance problems and less wear
    • High performance heater box increases energy efficiency, reduces drying times and provides a more comfortable operating environment
    • Axial airflow pattern with sealed cylinder rims delivers the fastest and most efficient drying results
    • Two drying pockets in the space of one unit help increase drying capacity
      Single gas, electric and exhaust hookups simplify installation and are less expensive than installing twice the number of single units

    Stack Dryers

    Get twice the drying capacity in the compact floor space of a single dryer with Speed Queen stack dryers. Combined with extra capacity for large loads, the stack dryer gets the maximum amount of work done without breaking the bank — or your laundry design.

    Available in 22 lb capacity.

    • Extra large capacity for large loads
      2.06 sq. ft. door opening is the largest in the industry, providing easy loading and unloading for customers
    • Efficient dryer heating with 25,000 Btu (gas models) and 5,320 Watts (electric models)

    Single Dryers

    With an easy-to-clean large lint compartment and a reversible door to accommodate your laundry design, Speed Queen single dryers are designed to suit your laundry’s specific needs. The 2.06 sq. ft. door opening is the largest in the industry, providing easy loading and unloading for your customers.

    Available in 22 lb capacity cylinder.

    • Durable galvanized steel cylinder with an extra-large 7 cu. ft. of volume
      Efficient dryer heating with 25,000 Btu (gas models) and 5,320 Watts (electric models)

    Stack Washer/Dryers

    Our stack washer/dryers are designed as vertical combinations that provide all of the power of Speed Queen washers and dryers while occupying only half of the floor space of a conventional washer and dryer setup. Plus, these stacked units allow you to utilize the same connections and hook-ups required by a standard washer and dryer, so you won’t have to make changes to your installation.

    Available in 22 lb washer and dryer capacity.

    • ENERGY STAR® Qualified to use less energy, save money and help protect the environment
    • Water use is trimmed to 13.9 gallons per cycle to reduce operating costs