Is your commercial laundry business thinking about upgrading its Speed Queen washer machines from a coin-operated system to a card reader?

A Speed Queen card reader is associated with numerous benefits for commercial businesses that offer laundry services. Whether you operate a laundromat or apartment complex with laundry facilities, you can benefit by outfitting your Speed Queens with card reader systems that will help modernize and improve your laundry-related services.

What’s a Speed Queen Washer Card Reader?

Traditionally, commercial laundry facilities relied on coin operation to function. Today, however, advanced card reader systems can be installed on commercial washing machines.

Instead of inserting coins in the washing machine to operate the appliance, customers or residents insert their card to operate your facility’s Speed Queens or other washers. Customers can transfer funds from their bank account to their laundry card in order to pay for laundry services.

With a Speed Queen washer card reader, your business can transition from coin-operated payment systems to a smart system that offers loads of functionality and benefits.

What Are the Benefits of a Speed Queen Washer Card Reader?

When your commercial laundry business updates with its Speed Queens with a card reader system, it can expect the following benefits:

Convenient Use for Customers

When customers or commercial property residents want to use your Speed Queen washing machine, they do not have to hunt for change or carry a large amount of coins with them. They can simply rely on their laundry smart card to pay for each load of laundry they wash.

Customers can easily load funds onto their laundry card using their smartphone or other connective devices. The card reader subtracts the funds from their card and applies them to your business account. The process is simple and convenient.

Convenient for Businesses

When you install a Speed Queen washer card reader, you no longer have to physically access your machine–or suite of washing machines–to collect payment. That means that your staff doesn’t have to empty each washing machine of coins and physically take them to the bank for deposit. The entire payment system is digital–and immediate. When customers make a payment, the funds are immediately applied to the vendor’s account.

Improved Security

With washing machine card readers installed at your facility, you can reduce the risk of theft. A card reader system is a cashless system. There are no funds available for thieves to steal in your commercial laundry room or laundromat business.

Count Your Profits at a Glance

Commercial businesses that install card reader systems on their laundry machines can enjoy digital access to their payment system. Not only can they see how much each of their Speed Queen washing machines has earned each day; they can also rely on the system’s reports to determine the heaviest periods of use, which can help them improve their access and business operation.

When you install a Speed Queen washer card reader, you can enjoy these benefits. Bring your laundry business into the digital era by outfitting your Speed Queen washers with a card reader system.

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