Tips To Care for Your Winter Clothes

clean folded winter clothes

When winter hits, many of you will wear more layers. You pull out sweaters, jackets, coats, thermals, and a wide variety of other clothes so you can stay warm. While this is cozy and stylish, it also creates more laundry, so you’ll need some tips to care for all those extra items.

Wear Your Outer Layers More Often Between Washes

If you have thermals or other undergarments on, you can wear the outer layers more often between washes. This helps prolong the life of those outer layers, which are often sweaters and other delicate items. You also don’t sweat as much during colder months, so your outer layers shouldn’t get stinky quite as fast.

Make Sure Your Coats Get Into the Wash

Too many people don’t wash their coats at all during the winter, causing them to smell and stain. Down coats can be washed on the gentle cycle, and this should be done about twice during the season. Gently squeeze the coat to get the excess liquid out before drying on a very low setting. If you toss some dryer balls in with the coat, the down should fluff back up again.

Avoid Fabric Softener for Under Layers

Many under layers are created to wick the moisture away from your body. If you use fabric softeners or dryer sheets, that wicking action won’t work correctly. This is only necessary on under layers or jackets made of fleece.

Treat Stains Immediately

During the winter, your clothes will probably get mud, slush, and salt on them. These elements are likely to stain your clothes, so be prepared with stain treatment products. Until you can get the articles of clothing into the wash, apply the stain treatment, and let it set.

As you can see, winter weather creates some extra steps when it comes to laundering your clothes, but with the right information, we can help you keep those clothes looking like new. Contact FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or sending us an email today!