Beneficial Technology-Driven Solutions With FMB Laundry

Speed Queen Laundry equipment

FMB Laundry has implemented technology-driven solutions to make getting the laundry done more convenient for users. Whether you run a multi-family unit, manage a college campus property, or manage the laundry at a medical facility, these technology-driven solutions will make life easier for everyone.


A SmartCard can be purchased through a Value Transfer Machine in your laundry facility. Customers who wish to do their laundry there can put a monetary value on the card and use it until the amount runs out. It can then be reloaded using cash, EBT cards, NFC devices, credit cards, or a debit card. Using a SmartCard eliminates the need for users to carry coins, which makes doing the laundry more of a convenience for everyone involved.

The SmartCard system is easy to set up and easy to use. With software created specifically for these machines, you are able to determine a vend price, cycle times, and even set up specials you wish to implement. The software allows you to perform audits, reports, and other accounting functions.

Clothesline Mobile App

Available on Android and iPhone, the clothesline mobile app gives your customers a convenient way to take care of the wash. They can look for an open machine, check on the status of specific washers and dryers, get a machine started again, and keep track of their transactions. This allows users the ability to get other things done while their laundry is going.

When the wash or dry cycle is complete, the smartphone receives an alert that lets the user know it’s time to change the wash. They can then head to the laundry room, get the laundry switched, then use the app to pay for service and set the machine settings.

As you can see, FMB Laundry is making it easier and more convenient for your tenants to get their laundry done. With SmartCards and Clothesline Mobile, everyone benefits with improved technology systems. Contact FMB Laundry today by calling 410-324-3654 or sending us an email to learn more or to request service.