We Trust Speed Queen and So Should You

speed queen laundry equipment

When you look around, you’ll notice a lot of different types of washers and dryers. They come in various colors, multiple sizes, varying ways they function, and a variety of other differentiating features. At FMB Laundry, we stand by the Speed Queen brand and so should you.

Manufactured in the United States

By supporting a company that manufactures products in the United States, we’re supporting everyone in the country. Not only does it boost the economy to use Speed Queen machines, it makes servicing the machines easier too. If the machine does break down, it’s easier and quicker for us to get the parts we need.

Expected To Last 25 years

Sure there are a lot of machines with flashy features and modern designs, but they don’t often last as long as the Speed Queen. The Speed Queen washers and dryers are expected to last at least 25 years, offering 10,400 wash cycles before they wear out. This is why Speed Queen is great for college dorms, apartment buildings, and other areas where the machines may experience heavy, consistent use.

Capacity To Handle Large, Heavy Loads

Speed Queen doesn’t have the largest drum out of competing washers on the market, but they are large enough for horse blankets, King size comforters, and other big items such as those. If your load contains dense blankets or towels that you worry might become an unbalanced mass, don’t worry about it. The sturdy structure allows you to get all your biggest, heaviest loads done without a problem.

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At FMB Laundry, we are focused on the laundry needs of multi-family units, medical buildings, college campuses, and more, and we trust Speed Queen with all of them. Call 410-324-3654 or email us today to learn more!