FMB Laundry Expands the Southeast Market

fmb expands to the southeast

With the expansion, FMB Laundry brings Clothesline Mobile laundry room technology to the Alabama, South Carolina, and Northern Florida markets.

Baltimore, MD (January 8, 2021) – Less than a year ago, FMB Laundry expanded to the Southeast markets with their Atlanta, Georgia location. After receiving several requests to bring their latest equipment, technology, and services to additional locations in the southeast, FMB Laundry will be expanding even further, serving Alabama, South Carolina, and Northern Florida.

“The Alabama, South Carolina, and Northern Florida markets are a natural next step in our growth plan and, like the expansion to Georgia, this growth has been driven by customer demand for excellent service and technology-driven laundry solutions,” said Charles McCurdy, Executive Vice President of FMB Laundry.

Mark Tiffany was added to the FMB Laundry team last February to manage the Southeast Region. Since then, FMB increased its Southeast presence by nearly 200% and is on course to meet or even exceed that rate in 2021. Tiffany shares that the expansion into these states is a “milestone event and anchors our presence as a regional vendor to the apartment and hospitality industries.”

“This expansion came through existing referrals in our Georgia markets, which means we are meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations despite the challenges of the COVID restrictions,” shares Tiffany.  FMB has been extremely proactive with their touchless technology and bringing the concept to hundreds of customers that have yet to see or use it.


FMB Laundry has implemented its propriety technology, Clothesline Mobile, which provides users the ability to see when equipment is available, start a laundry cycle, submit a service request, and receive a text message when their load is complete via their mobile device.

New customers have been very receptive and eager to participate in the innovative technology offered by FMB Laundry.

“We are excited that the combination of our Clothesline Mobile App and exceptional service has been so enthusiastically embraced in the Southeast,” McCurdy shares.


As a technology-focused laundry equipment and service provider, FMB Laundry, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest levels of prompt and professional service to the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast markets. FMB Laundry combines equipment sales, leasing, and service with the Clothesline Mobile Laundry App to deliver a state-of-the-art laundry room experience at apartments, condominiums, college and universities, hotels, government agencies, and more. Please visit our website to learn more