Why Good Laundry Machine Condition is Important

Outfitting your apartment complex with a state-of-the-art laundry facility means automatic profits, right? Well even the best laundry facility is useless if the machines aren’t working. It’s up to you to keep your laundry machines in good condition. Here are a few ways doing so benefits you.

Energy-Efficient Machines Cost Less

Laundry machines have countless moving parts that must work properly to keep things at peak operation. If hoses are clogged or a tub is leaking, the entire machine may have to work harder and use more resources to do its job. The results are higher energy and utility costs. It’s clear that keeping your machines in good condition via routine maintenance is good for your energy bill, not to mention renter satisfaction.

Upgraded Technology Increases Income

When clean clothes are just a touch screen away, your renters are more likely than ever to skip a commercial laundry and spend their money at home. Keeping your laundry machines in tip top condition by adding remote laundry monitoring, mobile payment and even easy-to-use laundry apps is an investment that will quickly pay off.

Broken Machines Eat Away Income

Broken machines can cost you big. Those costs can come from lost funds or via lost rent income when frustrated residents don’t renew leases. After all, who wants to pay for a property with a laundry facility if it never works? Keeping your machines in good working condition is worth the investment and doesn’t have to be costly. Consider certified, refurbished machines, for instance. These used machines cut your costs while delivering the same quality as a new laundry machine.

Keeping your laundry machines in good condition can cost, but the perks will quickly overshadow the expenses. Whether you’re planning for a new laundry facility or maintaining a seasoned one, call FMB Laundry to ensure you have the best machines in the best condition. Contact us today or call us at 877-709-3599 to see how we can save your hotel time and money with a better laundry procedure.