Spring Is Coming and It’s Time to Think About Hotel Laundry Equipment

Speed Queen Laundry equipment

With spring well on its way, you can expect to see an influx of vacationers fairly soon. The season brings with it spring break, and everyone knows that means getting out of town. Is your hotel ready? Have you thought about your on-site laundry equipment lately? While you can’t predict everything that will happen during spring break and in the vacation months that follow, you can be sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. That’s why you need to start looking into Speed Queen laundry equipment for your hotel.

Why Reach for the Best in Laundry Equipment?

Of course, there are dozens of brands out there, but you want the very best for your hotel or other hospitality establishments. Speed Queen uses only the most high-quality materials for their machines. Every product is commercial-grade with stainless steel wash tubs and heat-resistant metal parts. These washers and dryers often last longer than their competitors, giving you thousands of cycles more with a warranty. Some other benefits of using these products for your establishment include:

• High Efficiency – Low water usage and fast cycles allow you to lower operating costs. This also allows your guests to get their loads done more quickly so the next person can get theirs in.

• Easy Use – The controls on Speed Queen washers and dryers are easy to understand and easy to use, reducing frustrations for both your guests and your employees.

• Easy Installation – It won’t take a team of rocket scientists to install your machines. With simple hookups, installation is quicker, easier and less expensive.

Giving Your Guests the Gift of Laundry Services

If you don’t already have on-site laundry services available for your guests, it’s time to give them that gift. When you contact FMB Laundry, you can learn more about the equipment available, what the different machines do and how they can each benefit you and your customers. Give FMB Laundry a call at 720-487-1521 or send an email today.