Product of the Month- WashAlert™ with Service Alert

Speed Queen’s WashAlert™ with Service Alert System is the ultimate in multi-housing laundry technology, providing a revolutionary new solution for apartments and condos, universities, and other multi-housing facilities. This premium add-on to our Quantum Controls provides remote laundry room access that connects your laundry room to a central computer network, allowing you greater control over your laundry and allowing your residents to use the laundry more efficiently and conveniently.

For You and Your Property

Service Alert: Real-time information on everything you need to know about your laundry room operation. From vend errors and auto restarting to auto-notifications that let you know when a machine needs servicing, Service Alert reduces downtime and ensures that your laundry room is operating at peak efficiency.

Remote Restart Capability: If a resident is charged money for a machine that doesn’t start, you can remotely restart the cycle right away, limiting non-payment claims.

For Your Residents

Enhanced Networking Systems: Residents will be able to check a website or your property’s cable channel to see the status of their laundry, including wash cycles and time remaining. They can also determine which washers or dryers are currently available and when those that are in use will next be available.

Email & Notifications: Residents simply provide their email address, and they will receive notifications when a cycle is complete.