How To Increase the Value of Your Laundromat

increase your laundromat value

A laundromat is an excellent business to run. However, the day may come when you want to sell it to someone else. You can do a lot of good by increasing your laundromat value now to prepare for the future. A few simple actions can result in a lot of great long-term value.

Upgrade Your Laundromat’s Technology

Add the most recent technology to your laundry room. These days laundry technology is designed to be easier for customers to use. By using smartphone apps, and wash alerts that will be sent directly to residents phones, make it easy to check machine availability, status of current wash cycle, and notifications when the wash or dry cycle is finished. Your laundromat can also use smartcard solutions, offered by FMB Laundry that links credit card payment systems making it easier for customers to pay for the service or reload the laundry cards.

Upgrade to More Energy Efficient Equipment

Laundromats require a lot of power. You can expect a decently-sized electric bill every month, but you can cut costs by upgrading to more environmentally-friendly equipment. This can include installing a more efficient water heater. It may require a lot of money to install such devices, but you will see amazing savings in the long run.

Having the Right Laundry Equipment

Your customers are not going to want to use unreliable laundry equipment that does not get the job done. Speed queen performance equipment offers customer conveniences, quality components, and a variety of different control and activation combinations that tailor to your laundry room needs. These machines draw on decades of unmatched industry expertise.

Regular maintenance is essential for any laundromat, and you can find first-class services with FMB Laundry. Contact us at 877-799-4664 today to see how affordable it is to keep your laundromat in great shape and how we can help increase the value of your laundromat.