Delaying Laundry Replacements May Cost More Than You Expect

Out of Order Laundry Machine

Extending the use of washers and dryers past expected replacement dates may seem like a great way to save money. However, even if you manage to coax the machines along for another year, putting off the replacement purchases comes with a price.

Costs You Can Calculate

It doesn’t take an engineering degree to understand that older laundry machines with hours of use, wear out and frequently break down. Although faithful machine maintenance can hold off repairs for longer and slow the frequency of breakdowns, you can still expect leaks, cracked hoses, and motor problems as the equipment ages. Even if you perform some patching yourself, the cost of parts can add up.

Another expense to consider with older machines are water and energy bills. Not only do the newest laundry models require less water and electricity, but they also avoid leaks and electrical problems that guzzle additional water and energy.

Costs Difficult To Measure

Determining future repair expenses and figuring out water and energy savings offered by new machines can prove helpful, but there is still more to consider. Whether you are responsible for an apartment complex, student dormitory, or hotel facilities, the satisfaction of tenants and employees should play an important part in your decisions.

When residents decide whether or not to renew a lease, laundry facilities are often a big consideration. If the equipment is outdated or machines are unavailable while awaiting repairs, customer satisfaction takes a hit. Now more than ever, new or renewing tenants want the latest in equipment technology, such as contactless payment with their smartphones and messages when their laundry cycles are finished.

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