Creating Amenity Value: Benefits of the Latest Laundry Room Technology

laundry room technology

With so many young professionals looking to find a home, it’s more important than ever for properties to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Offering amenity values is one of the best ways to catch prospective residents’ attention, and one new amenity available is top-quality laundry room technology.

Almost nobody enjoys doing laundry, and even fewer people enjoy using a shared laundry facility. That’s because it’s always been inconvenient to wait for a laundry machine, and nobody enjoys having someone dump out their clothes so they can start their own laundry. However, recent laundry technology upgrades can relegate those memories to the dustbin of history, making a shared laundry facility a much more enjoyable experience for your residents. Here’s how!

Laundry Machine Alerts

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you remember having to drag your clothes to the laundry facility, where a machine was hopefully available. If it wasn’t, you either had to wait for the cycle to end or drag your clothes back up, making an already unpleasant chore even more inconvenient.

Our apps make it incredibly convenient for your residents to clean their clothes by letting them know exactly when a machine is free. Instead of walking to the facility, all they have to do is pull up their app and check the status of a machine. If there’s a free one, they’ll see that and can immediately take their clothes to use it. If not, they’ll see when machines will be done, letting them know when it’s time to head to the facility. Once they’ve put their clothes in, the system will let them know when it’s time to move things over. It’s a small touch that makes their lives much easier!

Touchless Payments

Generation Z has grown up in a mostly cashless world, which means the days of quarters for laundry are long gone. However, even laundry cards are becoming less common these days, as Gen Z and millennials aren’t used to filling them with hard currency.

Touchless payments allow residents to cover their laundry expenses digitally, linking their digital wallets to the app to make payment a breeze. If residents would rather link a credit or debit card, they can do that as well. They can even request a refund should a malfunction take place. It’s all about maximizing convenience for your residents.

Bluetooth Laundry Starts

Sometimes, a resident knows they’ll need more than one cycle to really get their clothes dry. Bluetooth laundry room technology allows that with just the touch of a button. All a resident has to do is go into the app on their phone and start the machine again, without having to even leave their apartment to check the clothes.

Amenities are all about convenience, and when you can offer one to your residents, you’re ahead of the game on providing a satisfying living experience. If you’re looking for a way to stand out among options, incorporating laundry room technology is a great idea. Contact us today to discuss the laundry room technology options at your property!