Budget Now for Upgraded Laundry Services

In any given apartment community, laundry service can be a huge pain for property managers. From outdated appliances to broken-down equipment, replacing or even upgrading them can be a huge cost. However, it’s important to factor this in because residents are looking for a clean, well-lit facility with state-of-the-art appliances. For many, the question is […]

Secrets to Longer Lasting Clothing

They are your clothes. You would think you know them. In truth, however, as often as you have worn them, your clothes have kept some secrets from you. The good news is, as you find out what they are hiding, it will allow you to extend their lives—sometimes almost indefinitely. Make sure you like new […]

Make Doing Laundry Stress-Free
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Laundry room etiquette can be a new concept or unclear for some people that use a communal laundry room. The most basic rule in the laundry room is to treat others with respect. There are some dos and don’ts of laundry room etiquette that will save you from having to deal with any bother or […]

Superior Laundry Services With FMB Laundry

When you provide laundry services at your building, you need to make sure that the facilities are accessible and easy to use for all residents. However, you also want to make sure that your laundry facilities are easy for you to maintain. At FMB Laundry, our top priority is taking excellent care of our clients […]

The Clothesline Mobile App Is Essential for On-Site Laundry

It seems everyone is busy these days. Whether your residents are sleep-deprived students, busy parents, or overloaded professionals, they don’t have time to sit in a laundry room while their clothes wash and dry. Fortunately, you can offer a solution that provides more flexibility and convenience to all of your residents. Discover the benefits Clothesline […]

Financial Support for Your New On-Site Laundry Facility

As a property owner catering to the needs of others, there could be various facilities and services you have implemented. Are you ready to tackle an on-site laundry facility? That’s great! At FMB Laundry, we know it’s not always easy to finance the services that will benefit your tenants and clients most, and that’s why […]

Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Laundry Equipment

Take your laundry room equipment to the next level by acknowledging that maintenance goes beyond just fixing what is broken. Investing in preventative maintenance for your commercial laundry equipment can go a long way. At FMB, we provide several maintenance options to prolong the life of your equipment. In addition to professional maintenance, monitoring your […]

Types of Equipment to Consider for Your Commercial Laundry Room

If you own or manage a multi-family property, college campus, or medical building, odds are you have a laundry area for patients, residents, and guests. For maximum efficiency, you need to consider what types of laundry equipment you have. Some concerns should be energy efficiency, water usage, accessibility, and cost. Some washers and dryers may […]

Why Your Facility Needs On-Premise Laundry

When you manage a hotel, resort, hospital, or another large commercial facility, you probably know how much of a drain laundry can be on your business. Whether it be the actual cost of cleaning linens, towels, and other necessities, or the time spent dealing with items that were lost or damaged at the laundry facility. […]