Why Choose FMB Laundry?

Why choose FMB Laundry to operate your laundry rooms? Our level of commitment and dedication to our customers simply does not exist anywhere else in the industry. From installing and upgrading your laundry equipment to managing payment systems and maintenance, FMB Laundry serves as your one-stop shop, giving you comprehensive service with a single-minded purpose […]

Commercial Laundry Maintenance

Wrap up the Season with Commercial Laundry Maintenance During the busy season, your commercial laundry can experience a lot of wear and tear. It may be difficult to properly clean and maintain your laundry equipment, especially if your facility is open around the clock. If you take advantage of a slower period to get your […]

Upgrading Your Laundry Equipment

Implementing a Commercial Laundry Upgrade Your laundry facility may be due for a major overhaul. If your equipment needs to be replaced or you need to add machines to meet the need of your business, you may be wondering where to start. Before you purchase anything, you should create a commercial laundry plan to address […]