Upgrading Your Laundry Equipment

Implementing a Commercial Laundry Upgrade

Your laundry facility may be due for a major overhaul. If your equipment needs to be replaced or you need to add machines to meet the need of your business, you may be wondering where to start. Before you purchase anything, you should create a commercial laundry plan to address the needs of your enterprise. These ideas may help you get your improvements off the ground.

Size Matters

Whether you are adding on to accommodate a larger capacity or working within your current structure, you should consider the amount of space you have. Your square footage will dictate the quantity of machines you can fit as well as the number of workers to run them. Consider other factors that may affect your space. Do you intend to use your facility for clean linen storage? Will you need dedicated areas for folding and ironing? These may take away from the room you have for other equipment.

Show Me the Money

Any commercial laundry plan should also address budgetary constraints. Your ability to upgrade your facility will depend on that bottom line, and it can limit your project implementation. The options for new high tech washers and dryers are amazing, but so are their price tags.

The Nuts and Bolts

Another major consideration is the logistical issues of running a commercial laundry. What are your utility needs? Some questions that can affect your upgrade include:

  • Is your water supply adequate for your needs?
  • Do you tax your existing drain system?
  • Can your current water heater keep pace with the laundry cycles?
  • How efficient are your dryer exhaust ducts and make up air?
  • Must each machine have a separate breaker and is there room to add more equipment?
  • What if you use gas? Is your system appropriate for the usage?

Addressing these and other issues can have a big impact on your commercial laundry plan. Bear in mind that certain industries may have additional regulations to take into account.

Your Dream Team

Employees and equipment work together to get the work completed. After you have made decisions concerning your space, potential expansion opportunities, and logistics, you may want to consider your work force needs. Count management and other operational positions in your total number in order to be able to allow workable space for everyone.

With your upgrade comes the opportunity to see how new technology can make your facility more efficient. Washers with soft mounts and dryers that sense humidity can reduce the length of time for laundry completion and even potentially lower your overall utility expenses.

As you can see, your upgrade deserves a comprehensive commercial laundry plan. Pay attention to the details now and you may be able to streamline your operation when the work is completed.

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