The Clothesline Mobile App Is Essential for On-Site Laundry

clothesline mobile

It seems everyone is busy these days. Whether your residents are sleep-deprived students, busy parents, or overloaded professionals, they don’t have time to sit in a laundry room while their clothes wash and dry. Fortunately, you can offer a solution that provides more flexibility and convenience to all of your residents. Discover the benefits Clothesline Mobile can offer you and your residents.

Features That Benefit Everyone

With the Clothesline Mobile app, your residents can go about their busy lives without worrying about ruining their clothes in the washer or dryer. When they download the app, they receive alerts when their cycles are complete and can see when another machine is available. With the SmartCard, balances are shown on the app, so tenants know when the card needs to be reloaded. If a cycle finishes and the tenant wants it to tumble for ten more minutes, Bluetooth allows that tenant to start the machine again.

As a property manager, you also cash in on the benefits of the Clothesline Mobile app. Through it, you can request service when a machine malfunctions. You don’t have to worry about collecting coins from the machines and are able to offer your residents a modernized experience they won’t complain about.

How Technology Is Improving the Laundry Experience

With technology such as the Clothesline Mobile app, the laundry experience is improved at a higher level. Everyone uses technology for almost everything. Many people don’t rely on pen and paper anymore, and several individuals don’t wear a watch. All of these things that were once commonplace are now included in smartphones. Because technology completes so many tasks, things like doing dishes or doing laundry can get mundane. With an app that keeps you on track, the task is more convenient and likely to get done more often.

As you can see, technology plays a large role in every industry, even laundry. As a property manager, it’s up to you to ensure your residents have the most pleasant laundry experience possible. Contact FMB Laundry today to learn more.