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FMB serves many excellent schools and universities with top quality laundry facilities! Your students will love the washers and dryers we install and the premium service we deliver! FMB has a service team that can’t be beat. Our factory trained technicians come well-equipped and ready to solve any servie problem the equipment may have. And service times? No one is faster than FMB!

Let an FMB Sales Professional come and visit you to discuss your laundry needs. We will provide a free, no-obligation analysis and quote. Do you own your machines? We will buy them from you and take over the management of your laundry room! Are your water and sewer bills high? Let us install the latest equipment that can drastically cut your costs.

FMB is a solution provider. Let us show you the best laundry room management program for your needs!

College Laundry Programs

For College laundry rooms, FMB will provide you complete services with no capital outlay! Here is an example of what we can offer:

  • FMB Laundry will install energy efficient washers and energy efficient dryers.
  • FMB Laundry will pay a commission of the gross monthly collections.
  • FMB Laundry will provide liability insurance.
  • FMB Laundry will provide service within 24 hours of the receipt of a call, as well as preventative maintenance which includes washing of each individual machine.
  • FMB Laundry will promptly provide a refund through the mail should any machine fail to operate properly.
  • FMB Laundry will provide instructional signs for each laundry room. (English and Spanish)
  • FMB Laundry will set each washer and dryer to vend at a price set by the landlord/management.
  • FMB Laundry will provide ADA approved handicapped accessible front load washer where required
  • FMB Laundry will enter into an agreement with satisfactory service guarantees.

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