How to Overcome Oversudsing Frontload Washers

Using Your Community’s Laundry Room Equipment

Welcome to another FMB Laundry How To Video! This video teaches residents, guests, and anyone else using your laundry room’s equipment how to overcome oversudsing frontload washers!

Property and community managers, please feel free to share this informational video with your residents and let them know they can contact FMB Laundry with any questions about how to best use their laundry equipment.

Steps to Overcome Oversudsing Frontload Washers

If you’ve received a message informing you there are too many suds in your machine, you have a problem that should be fixed soon. If not, you will have a machine that doesn’t work and may need repair. Follow these steps to ensure you won’t damage your washer the next time you use it.

1. Check for Oversudsing

Follow machine instructions for the proper amount of detergent to use.

High efficiency detergent is recommended for best performance. When using non-high efficiency detergent, avoid oversudsing by using only 1/2 the machine’s recommended amount. If high efficiency detergent is not used, or the machine instructions are not followed, oversudsing can occur. If suds rise to the halfway point between the handle and the bottom of the tub window, you have an oversudsing situation.

Oversudsing can create a sudslock condition which prevents the machine from draining properly, water and suds coming from the overflow hose on the back of the machine, and/or damage to the machine or textiles.

2. Run Cycle Until Drain Closes

Before you can correct an oversudsing condition, the machine must be in an active cycle with the drain closed.

3. Dilute Suds

Next, to dilute the suds, pour one cap full of liquid fabric softener into the soap dispenser drawer. Flush the fabric softener with water.

4. Continue to Run Cycle

Finally, continue to run the machine through the wash cycle until the suds have dissipated and all water has drained from the tub. It is recommended to run the textiles through an additional full cycle without adding any detergent. This will remove any excess chemicals from the load.

Using Other Laundry Room Equipment

While knowing how to overcome oversudsing frontload washers is important, it is just one of many important steps in properly using your laundry room’s equipment. Ready to learn how to best use your laundry room’s other equipment? Check out all of our How To Video Posts!

This video was provided by Alliance Laundry Systems, the world wide leader in commercial laundry equipment and exclusive manufacturer of Speed Queen Washers and Dryers.