Three Improvements for Your Laundry Operations

Speed Queen Laundry equipment

When people go to a laundry room, whether it is in an apartment complex, multi-family home or dormitory, they want a nice, clean place where they can do their laundry. As time goes on and the room gets used hundreds and even thousands of times, things can begin to look less appealing for the users of the machines. If you run a laundry operation, here are some things you can do to spruce up your setup that will make customers feel more welcome and comfortable.

Refresh the Room

Try as you might to keep everything clean and tidy. With so many people using your services, things are bound to get dirty. Paint will get chipped, floors and furnishings will get worn-looking. A deep clean can greatly improve the look of the room, with the floors waxed and shiny and any chairs you may have steam-cleaned. Repainting can also give a fresh look that makes the room look new.

Upgrade Equipment

Many laundry operations still use washing machines and dryers at least a decade old, and that is no good for you or your customers. Old machines take longer to wash and dry and are less effective, inconveniencing your customers. This also often draws more water and electricity, draining your wallet. By getting high-efficiency machines, you will be saving time and money, all while giving the room an updated look.

Change the Lighting

White fluorescent lighting is popular because it is cheap, but it is also very harsh and unwelcoming. Nowadays you can get low-energy light bulbs that are warmer in color that still do not break the bank. These lights will give the room a more natural feel and make your customers at ease when washing their clothes.

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