Smart Card Payment Systems


At FMB Laundry we are proud to offer a wide range of smart card systems and payment options. Our state of the art systems make it easier for your residents to do their laundry. Why should you choose FMB Laundry’s smart card solutions?

Stand-Alone System

Through a Value Transfer Machine (VTM) located at the card-operated laundry, customers purchase a SmartCard or MoneyCard and load it with monetary value. Customers can put cash into the VTM (some VTMs can also accept debit cards and credit cards). After payment is provided, the VTM can load value onto the embedded chip on the SmartCard or, depending on the machine, can also dispense a new SmartCard. After loading some value on their laundry card, the customer inserts the card into a CardSlide reader located on a washer or dryer. The CardSlide reads the card value and if sufficient funds are available, the reader signals the machine to start.

Simple to Set Up & Manage

Simple to set up and easy to use, SmartCard Systems are fully accountable. Laundry Logic Management Software is used to establish card and vend pricing, cycle times, and pricing specials. Management cards make it simple to establish Spanish prompts, as well as perform various accounting functions, audits, and reports. The software can also be used to track a customer’s card usage.

Eliminate Coins

The SmartCard System eliminates the use of quarters and the associated hassles of coin collection for operators. Meanwhile, residents appreciate not having to carry quarters and use bill changers. Laundry rooms may also feel more secure to both staff and customers.

Flexible Revalue Options

There are a number of ways to revalue MoneyCards and SmartCards. This allows operators to tailor laundry room operation. Depending on the type of VTM selected, residents can add value with cash, credit cards, debit cards, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT; a benefit card for state welfare recipients), and NFC devices.

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