How the Clothesline Mobile App Benefits Residents and Property Managers

Whether you run a property that caters to multi-family, hospitality, medical or college campus residents, you and your clients may be able to greatly benefit from the use of the Clothesline Mobile app to improve the function of your on-site laundry services.


Straightforward Layout


The Clothesline Mobile app is designed for ease of operation by its users. The fresh green, white, and gray colors provide a clean aesthetic while the icons for room status and personal laundry history are clearly indicated in the toolbar. Users can select a machine by either scanning a QR code or entering a machine number in the app. Even the least technologically-inclined residents can learn to use this app.


Up-to-Date Availability


The room status section of the app provides your residents with time management resources. A quick check of the Clothesline Mobile app can show which machines are available, out of order, or in use. You can eliminate the old days of hauling heavy laundry to the laundry room only to find that there are no available machines. Residents can also set notifications for when their laundry is finished. This helps residents avoid frustration when doing necessary chores.


Cutting-Edge Technology


This app uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly exchange information with the washing machines and dryers of your building’s laundry room, giving residents a more simple and easy experience. Smart tech and responsive design are some of the most important elements of modern apps, which are utilized by the Clothesline Mobile app development team. The upcoming edition of the app will include auto refills, announcements and faster access to accounts.


Transparent Accounting


Users of the Clothesline Mobile app can check their account balances whenever they like, so they can make sure their laundry budget is on track. Forget the days of saving coins and hoping a machine’s coin slot is operational. This cashless app frees residents to add value to their accounts or request refunds in a process that is simple to set up. For property managers, the app is PCI compliant and easy to request services and audits.


Download Clothesline Mobile in the App Store today to get started! For more information contact FMB Laundry at 410-324-3654 or send us an email.