Stocking Parts for Laundry Equipment Saves Valuable Time

When you have so many people depending on reliable washers and dryers to accomplish their laundry tasks, there is no good time for your machines to break down. Typically, the ratio of tenants to washers and dryers is not equal, so even one machine that’s out of order can cause users to be upset and waste valuable time. Keep your residents happy and your machines working properly by keeping up with proper cleaning and routine maintenance. To save time and frustration, stock some basic and even brand-specific parts on hand for quick repairs and limited delays between loads.

Reasons Units Break Down

When laundry machines stop working, it doesn’t always mean they have to be replaced. Quite often, it’s as simple as a small part that needs to be changed. Here are some typical parts that may be causing the issue:

• Belts
• Motor Couplers
• Thermal Fuses
• Water Pump Seals
• Gaskets

Parts on Hand Avoid Longer “Out of Orders”

Although you can usually count on the repairman servicing your unit to stock his van with the most necessary parts, there’s a chance he won’t have exactly what you need at the time of the call. Sometimes multiple calls in one day, or a unit-specific part, can lead to a return trip to you several days later after the part has been ordered and received. This waiting period can be frustrating and unnecessary. Keeping the common problem parts on hand for your laundry machines ensures prompt repair once the service technician arrives. This is a great way to get your machines back up and running without causing unnecessary delays to your residents.

Have a good selection of backup parts on hand, and contact FMB Laundry today by calling us at 877-709-3599 or sending an email to [email protected] for all of your laundry room needs. Consider a whole new design of modern machines and set up regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.