Reasons to Replace Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial laundry appliances have a life expectancy that can vary by brand, maintenance, and frequency of use. Since replacing them can be a huge investment, property managers face a real temptation to put off purchasing new laundry equipment. There are some excellent reasons, however, to buy replacements sooner rather than later.


Weigh Expenses for Repairs and Replacement Parts

As its useful life begins to wane, a machine typically starts to exhibit mechanical and electrical problems. This usually means an investment of time and money for repairs and parts. Sometimes a quick fix can put the appliance back into circulation for many more hours of use. Other times, one problem may occur after another. While it can become a bit of a guessing game, it’s safe to say that the older and more worn a machine becomes, the more likely it will need repairs and new parts.


Think About Downtime Costs

When a laundry machine breaks down, you may incur more expenses than paying a repair person. If the equipment provides services in a tenant or commercial laundry room, you not only inconvenience residents and customers, but also lose revenue while repairs are made. If the machines are used for laundering bedding and towels in a hotel or hospital, broken appliances can quickly cause problems with providing clean laundry.


Consider Efficiency and New Technologies

Replacement of old equipment often provides benefits beyond improved reliability and reduced service costs. Choosing energy efficient models, for example, may result in significant savings in water, energy, and soap. New technologies, such as smart cards instead of coin slots, may supply greater convenience for you and your customers.


Contemplate Tenant, Customer, or Employee Satisfaction           

For employees hired to wash guest’s bedding, or apartment tenants doing their own laundry, finding machines broken or undergoing repair is exceptionally annoying. Providing new, efficient laundry equipment generally produces satisfied users.


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