Product of the Month: Quantum® Controls

tenant using onsite laundry

Speed Queen Quantum® Controls represent the most sophisticated technology on the market today, uniting equipment, programming and multi-housing facility management into one versatile system. Working in tandem with your Speed Queen washers and dryers, FMB Laundry can program your machines to:

  • Easily manage your laundry room with remote internet access from any computer in the world.
  • Establish multi-level pricing and soil-level cycles.
  • Track coin or card transactions.
  • Quantum Controls offer an easy-to-read digital display that allows residents to see how their load is progressing and ensure that machines turn over quickly.
  • Let your residents choose up to 27 cycle combinations to provide the proper temperature and soil level selection for maximum efficiency and user preference.
  • Multi-level vend options allow you to set varying vend prices for hot and warm wash cycles and medium and heavy-soil loads.
  • Give residents the option to purchase additional top-off dryer time before the initial dryer cycle has been completed.

For more information and to find out if this machine is the best match for your property’s needs, give us a call at 877-709-3599!