Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Laundry Equipment

preventative maintenance for laundry room equipment

Take your laundry room equipment to the next level by acknowledging that maintenance goes beyond just fixing what is broken. Investing in preventative maintenance for your commercial laundry equipment can go a long way. At FMB, we provide several maintenance options to prolong the life of your equipment. In addition to professional maintenance, monitoring your equipment is crucial to your laundry room’s overall health.

Clean Lint Filters

Ideally, lint filters should be cleaned out after every use or at the very least once a day. When lint builds up, the dryer has the potential to overheat.

Inspect Water Inlet Valve

There are water inlet valve connections on the back of most machines. While you can keep an eye out for leaks daily, but make sure they are thoroughly inspected at least once a month. If there are any cracks, deterioration, or blisters, the hose will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Clean the Dryer

The condition of your equipment has a direct impact on how clean the laundry comes out. Sanitization can prevent the spread of disease and illness. It can also remove pesticides and petroleum chemicals. Extensive cleaning needs to be performed by a professional once a year.

Maintain the Door

One of the easiest daily tasks you can do is ensure that the door and its locks work. Test the doors at the end of each day, then leave the door open so that any moisture can evaporate. You should also be sure to clean the glass regularly with a damp cloth.

If you invest in simple maintenance for your commercial laundry machines, you can avoid more expensive problems down the line. Laundry equipment is expensive to replace, but with preventative maintenance, you can prolong the life of your washer and dryer. To learn more, contact FMB Laundry today by calling 410-324-3654 or sending us an email.