Prevent the Spread of Germs with Clean Clothes

With the spread of coronavirus, we are reminded to take precautionary measures, such as washing your hands and sanitizing the surfaces we touch. However, one thing we should all consider is the sanitation of our clothes. Keeping our clothes and other fabrics we touch clean is vitally important when it comes to the prevention of this illness.

Health officials have offered up some information to help us understand the importance of keeping our clothes clean and germ-free.

    • Coronavirus can thrive on clothing.
    • If you have been in a high contact area, such as a grocery store or pharmacy, shed your clothes as soon as you get home and get them in the wash.
    • A great way to prevent the spread of germs is by coughing or sneezing into your elbow. However, keep in mind that those germs can sit on your clothes for up to a week!
    • Anyone who touches your clothes is at risk for picking up your germs.

Now that we understand a little more about how clothing plays a role in the spread of germs, we can take steps to prevent it. Below are some simple steps to keep in mind when it comes to sanitizing your clothing.

  1. Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them
    • It is almost impossible to know who has come in contact with these clothes before you purchased them.
  2. Know How Detergents Work
    • Detergents work by loosening and binding to dirt and then lifting that dirt up and out of clothes. If the detergent isn’t completely rinsed out, neither is the dirt. Meaning, too much detergent leads to dirty, irritating clothes.
  3. Don’t Add Too Much Detergent
    • For a full-sized load, use half the recommended amount of detergent. Detergent manufacturers often overestimate the amount that is actually needed.
  4. Don’t Crowd
    • Do not overload your washer. In order to clean thoroughly, your detergent needs room to circulate through your clothes. Plus, you need plenty of water to carry the loosened dirt and oils away.

We all want to play our part to stop the rapid spread of coronavirus, and germs in general. In order to do so, we have to start treating our clothes like our skin. Wash them frequently, as they are a carrier of germs, just like your body. Contact us by calling 410-324-3654 or sending us an email today to learn more!