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FMB Laundry is a leading provider of laundry room services for condominiums. Many associations choose us because we offer a total program designed especially for your building and residents. From coin-operated to card-operated laundry equipment to decor and legendary service and support, FMB is your best choice.

We use the best equipment available meaning you will get the latest in technology, energy efficiency, reliability and performance in your laundry room. Your residents will love the results they get with the laundry equipment we provide for you. We also provide, where space allows, ample folding tables and other amenities so your residents can do their laundry efficiently and in a pleasant environment.

Our service department will respond very quickly to calls and we promptly process refunds. At FMB, when you become a customer, you also become one of our family. We are a business that develops long term relationships with our clients, we are not a public company that has to increase shareholder value. Our business is laundry services and we are here to provide them in the best way we can for you and your residents.

Condominium Laundry Programs

For Condominium laundry rooms, FMB will provide you complete services with no capital outlay! Here is an example of what we can offer:

  • FMB Laundry will install energy efficient washers and energy efficient dryers.
  • FMB Laundry will pay a commission of the gross monthly collections.
  • FMB Laundry will provide liability insurance.
  • FMB Laundry will provide service within 24 hours of the receipt of a call, as well as preventative maintenance which includes washing of each individual machine.
  • FMB Laundry will promptly provide a refund through the mail should any machine fail to operate properly.
  • FMB Laundry will provide instructional signs for each laundry room. (English and Spanish)
  • FMB Laundry will set each washer and dryer to vend at a price set by the landlord/management.
  • FMB Laundry will provide ADA approved handicapped accessible front load washer where required
  • FMB Laundry will enter into an agreement with satisfactory service guarantees.

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