Multi-Family Laundry


Tired of an unresponsive laundry contractor and frustrated residents?

Your residents are in good hands when FMB is the laundry service provider! FMB specializes in designing laundry rooms for multiple housing and provides total package solutions tailored for each situation! FMB uses the finest equipment available with the latest in energy efficient washing machines and dryers. We offer coin-operated or card-operated equipment allowing flexible payment choices that suit your business.

FMB has a service team that can’t be beat. Our factory trained technicians come well-equipped and ready to solve any service problem the equipment may have. And service times? No one is faster than FMB!

Let an FMB Sales Professional come and visit you to discuss your laundry needs. We will provide a free, no-obligation analysis and quote. Do you own your machines? We will buy them from you and take over the management of your laundry room! Our warehouse is fully stocked with hundreds of new Speed Queen washers and dryers ready for immediate delivery!

Are your water and sewer bills high? Let us install the latest equipment that can drastically cut your costs. We proudly supply Energy Star approved laundry equipment for our customers.

FMB is a solution provider. Let us show you the best laundry room management program for your needs!

Multi-Family Solutions:

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