Managing Your On-Premises Laundry in Today’s World

Using Mobile Laundry App

Laundry room users are on a mission, and they need everything to go smoothly. They don’t want to worry about the correct change. If a machine doesn’t deliver, they require a refund. They don’t want to waste trips to the laundry room only to discover no available machines.

Today’s laundry customers also desire to stay safe with as little contact as possible with others. As the manager of a property with on-premise laundry, you need to adapt to these changes to satisfy your clients.

Consider the Clothesline Mobile Laundry App

Contactless is the new buzzword, and the Clothesline Mobile App enables smartphone cashless machine payments, refund requests, and the luxury of waiting in an apartment or room for notifications on machine availability or laundry completion. With this app, your customers can save time and avoid prolonged contact with others.

Replace Outdated Equipment for Customer Satisfaction and Savings

Just as Clothesline Mobile addresses payments and communication, technology has also improved machine performance. Some of the benefits offered by new models include:

  • Energy efficiency to save on costs
  • Faster run times to save customers time
  • Advanced controls to customize each load
  • Control systems to supply managers with maintenance and performance data

Staying current with technology attracts tenants, improves profits, and helps property managers make better business decisions.

Clean Up Your Laundry Act

As important as cutting-edge technology has become, old-fashioned cleanliness has surfaced as the most vital customer requirement. You can offer cashless payments, amazing equipment, and instant communication, but if your laundry room is dirty and disorganized, customers will steer clear. Sanitation and safety are on everyone’s mind, and your laundry room cannot survive without it.

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