Make the Most of On-Premises Laundry Space

On-premise laundries often don’t have a lot of room to expand, so when you need to increase your OPL productivity, your options might be limited. That doesn’t mean you must give up on your pursuit to maximize your OPL production levels. Whether your company is a hospital, hotel or long-term care institution, there are several ways you can increase your OPL efficiency without expanding your floor space.

Organization Is Key

Before you buy any new equipment, a cost-effective way to improve your OPL output is by checking the area’s organization. A poorly laid-out laundry area can add time and effort to moving laundry from your receiving bay to your output area. Some ideas to consider when reorganizing your space include,

  • place washers and driers close together
  • create a single path flow through your OPL
  • use timers that announce when a load is done

Upgrade Your Equipment

With an efficiently laid-out space, your only option is to upgrade your equipment. This choice isn’t necessarily a bad thing because modern industrial washers and dryers have several features that can reduce your facility’s cleaning time per laundry load:

  • Modern laundry equipment is more efficient and reliable than older models.
  • Modern washers remove more water, which creates faster drying times.
  • Dryness sensors shut off the dryer at a predetermined dryness level.

Review Your Options

Even if you feel you need more space in which to expand your OPL, there exist several ways to increase your output efficiency that don’t involve knocking down walls. Before you decide expansion is your best option, take the time to review of your OPL organizational space and equipment. The information gathered during this examination could provide you with a better, easier path towards operational effectiveness. When you need to expand your laundry operations but don’t have extra space, contact FMB Laundry to help you work through your options.