Maintenance Advice To Keep Your Laundry Running

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As a manager, it’s important to ensure everything in the building runs smoothly. Whether you provide a laundry area for apartment or dorm tenants, make washers and dryers available for hotel guests, or furnish laundry equipment for employees, it is vital to keep the machines in peak condition. There’s no better way to accomplish this than staying on top of regular maintenance tasks. Some items may seem minor, but they go a long way toward avoiding downtime and extending appliance life.

Eliminate Lint

Theoretically, each person cleans the lint trap after using a dryer. It’s a 10-second job. In reality, however, few individuals actually remove the lint because they aren’t sure how or don’t think it’s their job. Make sure you remove all lint from each dryer at least once a day and thoroughly vacuum the compartment every week. The dryer will run better, and you cut the risk of fire.

Stop Leaks

Another daily task involves checking hose and valve connections on the back of each washer. With vibrations from washing and spinning, connections loosen and dripping begins to occur, so inspect and tighten daily. Also, examine the hoses periodically for cracks and deterioration.

Test Doors

Seepage often occurs around the doors of front-loading washers, so test each door lock at the end of the day to make sure it’s working. After verifying the mechanism is operational, leave the washer door open to dry out the interior. Nobody wants to use a washer that smells funky.

Wipe Glass

Nobody wants to use dirty machines, either, so wipe down the appliances and make the glass sparkle. Don’t forget to clean between the glass and the door.

Clean Tumblers

Call a service technician to complete a comprehensive cleaning of the dryer tumblers once a year. These experts know how to clean the tumbler without damaging the sensor or interior surface.

If you need assistance keeping laundry equipment in tip-top shape, contact the professionals at FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or sending us an email. We can give you maintenance advice and answer any other questions you have about updating laundry appliances.