Listen to Your Laundry Equipment

When you’re responsible for an on-premise or multi-family commercial laundry, big problems result when a washing machine goes down. Employees, tenants, and residents suffer inconvenience and disrupted schedules until the machine is back in service.

Fortunately, washing machines often provide warnings before giving out completely, giving you time to weigh repair versus replacement and work purchasing new machines into the budget. Here are some signs to watch for as you observe laundry equipment under your care:

Age Gives a Clue

A commercial washing machine should last 10 to 14 years. While many variables affect life expectancy, you can anticipate problems as your machine’s age approaches double digits.

Loud Noise Screams Problems

Laundries should quietly hum as the machines run through cycles. When a washer sounds like a racecar, pay attention. Check that all items are evenly distributed in the drum and verify that each washer sits level on the floor to stay balanced. With some machines, you can adjust the four feet to achieve this. Otherwise, you may need shims or a platform. If balancing the washer doesn’t reduce the noise, call a repair person for further diagnosis.

Walking Means Trouble

If a machine shifts, sways, or moves out of position as it works, you need to address the problem. Again, check that it is level. If it continues to shuffle around, keep a close eye on it and get professional help. Even though it is working, you don’t want it to pull the hoses loose or splash out water.

Leaking Indicates Loose Connections

When water appears on the floor, you need to pinpoint the source. With older machines, users may cause overflows by putting in too big of a load. You may also need to tighten water hoses at the back of the machine or replace them, if necessary. If this doesn’t work, consult a technician for help.

When a washing machine signals a problem, move quickly toward a solution. If an inexpensive fix isn’t feasible, start researching replacements. Contact the specialists at FMB Laundry by calling 410-324-3654 or emailing us today. We will walk you through the wonders of commercial laundry technology to meet your specific needs.