Keep Your Laundromat Customers Happy

Keeping your laundromat customers happy

Keeping your laundromat customers happy

5 Ways to Keep Your Laundromat Customers Happy

As a laundromat owner or operator, you know that the key to success comes from repeat business. Without a steady stream of regular customers using your machines, you may struggle to stay afloat. Keeping your customers happy helps generate new business as they share their positive experience with others or give you good reviews on social media. Here are five ideas that keep your customers coming back to your facility.

  1. Cleanliness counts.

 From your main laundry area to your restrooms, your laundromat should be tidy and well-maintained. No one wants to frequent a business that appears dirty, especially since they are coming to you to clean their clothes or linens. Take out the trash, clean the floors and machines, and don’t forget the bathroom!

  1. Get an upgrade.

 New technology and updated equipment sets you apart from your competition. Customers appreciate well-maintained machines with new features that make their lives and their laundry easier. If your washers and dryers are outdated or break down frequently, you should invest in new ones.

  1. Make a good impression.

 Appearance does matter, especially for a laundromat. An inviting, comfortable facility encourages clients to stick around while they use your machines. Ample seating, good lighting, free Wi-Fi, and even fresh paint transforms your space for the better.

  1. Welcome the family.

 Laundry is a part of life for everyone, and parents need to bring their kids with them to your laundromat. Why not have an area dedicated to children to keep them occupied while their moms and dads are busy? Toys, games, a small table and chairs, and even television may be all you need to make your facility work for all ages.

  1. Wear a smile.

 Excellent customer service make or break any business, even a laundromat. A friendly welcome, a cork wall for community flyers, and other ways to connect personally with your customers keep them coming back to your facility.

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